Skinny NFL play....embrace the stink


EOG Master
Matt Youmans on his vsin show last night said that skinny aka Ron Boyles likes denver +6.5

Skinny lives in the Pittsburgh area.

Dirty dog


EOG Master
I'm not sure what's up with the DEN defense so far, they're last right there with the Raiders and Chargers.

At minimum, they defended last season.


Bells Beer Connoisseur
It’s the week to play the 0-2 teams as a dog. Very few (If and) have made the playoffs after going 0-3. I can see some backdoor covers.


EOG Master
Miami has Buffalo on deck. Denver has scored better this year. Both prior games were 3 3'. Looks plausible of course Ty Hill can cover that 6' in a jiffy.


EOG Master
Looks like denver is the sharps dummy team. They bet this team expecting positive regression and burn money 5 minutes into the game