So when do the moves start?


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It will light up around starting around 11am est. When the lines go up early in the week and their is a market(many sportsbooks with lines) some games get hit. Most CFB games are moved Friday night/Saturday morning or early afternoon.

Dewey Finn

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You really have to play earlier in the week. Making bets today you really take the worst of it. Glad I got Maryland at 7.5, Duke at 1.5 and Rutgers as a dog.

Dewey Finn

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jj- Do you really think so??? I always thought the sharp guys played earlier in the week.

I don't quite understant the fake move comment

Shrink used to say to play favorites earlier in the week and dogs late in the week, I think- thats a good rule.

Dewey Finn

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Interesting JJ-- thanks.

I thought one of Shrinks rules of betting was not to try to middle college football games.

Just learning guys sorry about the stupid posts.