Sports Betting & Music???

I have always wondered if there is an association between people who gamble and their overall passion for Music as a whole?

I am suggesting that when speaking with many of my colleagues, it seems to me that their fervor towards MUSIC is more intense and far reaching than the average citizen...

Apparenty, BODOG thinks so too as they have unlauched a RECORD LABEL of all things...

Just earlier this morning, I was driving on my way home from the Drug Store (one of my favorite places to visit as well), and heard an OLDIE but GOODIE by the BEE GEES, titled "MY BROKEN HEART."

I know that some of you don't even recognize the title of this, so spare me from any OLD AGE jokes, please...:nono

My MOOD quickly BRIGHTENED despite the fact that there is darkness everywhere around here in Southern Virginia today due to Hurricane Ophelia being close by...

I also know that a Prominent Figure Head in this industry is a BIG ERIC CLAPTON fan as well, and I also LOVE this GUITARIST, who is arguably the greatest ever...

So my point may be somewhat confusing and wordy, but I do know when I go through bad streaks such as this weekend's games losing money, all I have to do is BLAST up the volume, listen to some great songs, and I feel BETTER!!!

Now only if MUSIC could help pay off the debts!!!:bounce :bounce :bounce
And BoDog once again comes to mind...

i have worked in the music biz for years. plenty of gamblers both workers and artists.

bodog music is a great idea but they have terrible artist.

ps Im liking the new Sigur Ros record.

The General

Another Day, Another Dollar
I have been in a music slump, but last night I went to bed and hit the snooze, tuned into some Y106 playing Ozzy, Boston, ACDC, Dio and more. Really brought back some memories from the teen days.