Sports Forum Scams

I've been around these forums for over 4 years and have witnessed a number of scams and attempted scams that any newbies should be on the alert for:

1. Lend me some money scam - the scammer has no intention of paying it back and you can kiss your $ goodbye

2. Save the juice scam - the scammer arranges a contest with you or agrees to bet the other side of a game you like with the winner to be paid afterwards with a check, Neteller, etc. Payments will only go one direction.

3. Wannabe a service scam - the scammer laces all the forums with many selections often using different names and occasionally these selections win. If some innocent individual shows an interest they are befriended and soon told, "I can't keep providing you and all my other followers all of these winners free so I'm going to start a service and you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor!"

4. Place a bet for me scam - after the scammer has befriended you and has you on IM, there will come a time when the scammer has a sure-fire winner for a game going off in two minutes and his book has locked him out because he's been winning too much. So he asks you to place a dime wager for him and of course to send him wis winnings. Oh, it lost? See #1. above.
Great post CapnHandi, also good to regularily remind people of posters who have pulled this type of stuff in the past, so they can be aware. Posters like FILIBUSTER AKA Madcapper, who have certainly dipped into other posters pockets.