Good morning, Just off the phone with them, spoke to CS and supervisor. Still getting ROYAL run around. New withdrawal requests will be paid within 12 business days, which means they are stalling for at least 3 MORE WEEKS.

I've been monotoring their poker site, I estimate they are raking about $75,000 per day gross. At this rate it will take them the better part of THREE YEARS to recoup the free money they gave put to former Paradise Poker players. They obviously have a cash flow problem at best anad are totally INSOLVENT at worst. The operation should be hugely profitable.

I again ask that management of this site DO SOMETHING NOW about players getting paid. SHRINK what gives?

The General

Another Day, Another Dollar
Posted Previously, received 3/15

Posted Previously, received 3/15

Yes, we recently suffered some delays in processing withdrawals.

As you know, recent changes in the US have made many of our payment processing partners leave the US business, impacting e-wallets, bank wires and even checks. While we've been busy working to replace those partners, it's been vital to us that we send our players money through a trustworthy, reliable new partner. Although this due diligence has slowed down our payouts (we had expected to complete this process over a week ago), it ultimately makes everyone's funds safer.

The good news is that we've now settled on new processors for payouts by both bank wire and checks.

Of course we're waiving all fees for anyone whose payout was delayed. And we're also putting a cash bonus in their accounts as a token of appreciation for their patience during this changeover process.

Best Regards,

--The Management

That's from last Thursday. No one has been paid since 2/17 over a month ago. Money talks and OBVIOUS BS walks. As Morrie the wig man said in Goddfellas.. " I want my fucking money now....".

CHILL? By my calculations using their transaction numbers, there are over 100,000 cashouts pending, I think $500 each would be a conservative number (I'm waiting for more) that translates into >$50 million and growing by the day.

I have not used dispute resolution and clearly this is not s dispute. Posters here are "the tip of the iceberg". This is just a refusal to pay, their story has been consistent for over a month now. I know the management of this site knows that. Each day that passes means they owe out more money. NO ONE has been paid since 2/17 yet you continue to allow them to reel in new suckers to their site.

No less an authority than Lem Banker says (see FezziksPlace) they ( are on the street looking for 35 million.


EOG Veteran

No less an authority than Lem Banker says (see FezziksPlace) they ( are on the street looking for 35 million.
You are incredibly naive or incredibly slanted in your position. Some goofball posts under the name of Lem and you really think it's him?

Do you think "Tony Montana" is the real Tony Montana?
Do you think "Willy Loman" is the real Willy Loman?
Do you think "wrigley" used to own the Cubs?
Do you think "The Devil" is really the Devil? (OK, I'll give you that one)

I have no opinion of Sportsbook, but this is a very irresponsible way to further a rumor.


EOG Master

Why are you bitching here if you will not use our support Resolution to get involved... General offered you a link to report all your info so he could contact the sportsbook on your behalf. I am kind of confused here.... EOG offers you help and you refuse to let them...


EOG Senior Member

No less an authority than Lem Banker says (see FezziksPlace) they ( are on the street looking for 35 million.
LOL ... judging by the similarity of their posts, my money is on Fezzik's Place poster "lembanker" and "mad AS hell" being the same person..


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I wonder if some of these internet clowns realize what would happen if they posted under a well known person's name and that person hauled their ass into court and sued them for identity theft, fraud and a few other charges.

It's very hard to believe that you guys are flaming me when a debacle larger than the BoS and Neteller situations combined is looming on the horizon. I do not have an account at FezziksPlace and rarely post anything on the internet just because of the type of BS I am faced with here.

I'm in Vegas and I know many of the Bigtime posters here and as stated duplicitously, "I'm mad as hell".... and will do what's necssary to make myself whole. Again, I don't have a dispute with anyonre, I want my money like 100,00+ others.