SSI's MLB Plays: tuesday


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sides: 16-20 (-7.40 units)
R/L's: 0-1 (-1.00 units)
Totals: 6-2 (+3.70 units)

plays for tuesday: all laying (-1.5 runs) some R/L all the rest Alt R/L

mets (+1.40)
oak (+1.40)

sd (+1.65)
col (+1.78)
hou (+2.35)
kc (+3.53)
Tor (+2.70)
sea (+2.20)
Cinn (+1.90)

Texas (+2.30) 2 units

only texas is 2 units, all other one unit.
Now that, is one of the more interesting cards i have ever seen. I wish u luck, cant see the lines, but can guess them



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its a progressive system, in a basic 1-2-4 format,,, that went 24-6 (+33 units) in week 1..

why cant you see the lines? all are (-1.5 runs) with the price listed.. 6 of the 10 lines were better at olympic than at pinnacle..


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im playing it only with ($100) units... using the first month of season to determine what i do for the remainder of year..


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im kicking no ass... down slightly on season..... i wasnt playing the system the first week..... discovered it last night, spent a few hours researching it..

good example of this -- would be to look at the TB/Tor series last weekend. TB loses game 1 and 2 on the runline.. so they are down 3 units.. go into sundays game facing Hallady as a 3:1 dog on alt runline, now since this is game 3 of the series, we are betting 4 units.. they beat Halladay on the alt runline and make 12 units, subtract the 3 units that you were down and the series clears +9 units..