St.Marys +10.5/11 2nd half

John Kelly

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St. Mary's AT THE HALF can be uncomfortable bet to make.

In these situations, most recreational gamblers look for the favorite to rally in the second half and get the win.

The hard side to take is the underdog attempting to pull off the upset.

In this case, you're effectively taking the underdog +8 in a game where they were catching nearly twice that pointspread before tipoff.


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The thing that sucks is the rec fans cheering for smc. That ruins basketball.
The movie Hoosiers was based on rooting for the underdog.. you probably thought betting Muncie Central was sharp, used them as a contest play vs Bobby The Owl back in the 50’s.

Moral of the story - Bobby the Owl is sharp.
Zags did not want to be there, the game was irrelevant to them. verne harris was 1 of the refs. im not impressed, im not upgrading smc not even 0.5 pts
And yet you bet them in the first half, then came back and took them in the second half. Why would you place not one, but two wagers on a team that you thought didn't want to be there because the game was irrelevant? Very strange handicapping IMO
It looked like the Zags laid down for the conference.
You honestly think they intentionally lost so St Mary's would get in? C'mon FW, you don't really think the number one team in the country would lay down in the championship game of their conference. How many years in a row did they win the conference tournament, why didn't they lay down those times. You're smarter than this. St Mary's slowed the game down and played very well, they deserved to win.


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I didn’t watch the game, it was more figure of speech. The surprise is how few points they scored. I don’t know what happened, flu? Coach wanted to send a message? Wouldn’t be the first time a coach sent a message at the expense of seeding.