Steelers/Titans O/U

Re: Steelers/Titans O/U

Nice win, although I'd argue that the Under was absolutely the correct bet and actually should've won. The pick-6 thrown by Mettenberger on his first pass but was one of the most painful things I've ever watched from an NFL starting quarterback, but I can excuse that because interceptions for touchdowns happen and you have to brace yourself when taking an under that involves a scrub like Mettenberger.

However, the 80-yard TD pass to Nate Washington right before the end of the first half... come on, the percentage of a play like that happening before halftime after just getting the ball is probably below 5% and it's inexcusable for an actual professional NFL defense to surrender a play like that when the clock is about to run out. Without that complete fluke BS play, the under wins so it's hard to say those of us who had the under made the 'wrong' bet when you should never expect plays like that to happen as it's about to be halftime.

But nice victory though