Steph Curry Done For The Year....


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Hand injury worse than they thought.

Don't blame GSW.....Let the tanking begin.
Like the Spurs. They were great except the one year the Admiral got hurt and as a result they got Timmmmmy and kept the franchise what it was for decades. Gotta think trading DeAngelo Russell as soon as they can (I wanna say Dec. 15 is the earliest they can do it).

How about all those who paid "bend me over and stick it in my ass" prices for tix at the Warriors new Taj Mahal only to see interest decline and the only winners will be those looking for cheap tix - something they will have no trouble finding on the secondary market

How about on Xmas: 5P EDT - meaning just around the time people are eating dinner: Rockets @ Warriors! YIKES Next game is LA vs. LA and while that games airs at 5P here in LA it won't get much of a lead in elsewhere

John Kelly

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If memory serves, Gregg Popovich came down from the front office to "engineer" the tanking after the David Robinson injury.

"Pop" is well-known for winning games but he was much better at losing them.