Stephen Jackson Looks Like A Beast

jjgold said:
true but Rams look even better
JJ I hoped you meant looked rather than "look". Because up until last night the Rams looked like the worst coached team in the entire NFL. It was a mixture of two things last night, one Martz got on their ass hard and heavy and two, the Lions are just simply not a very good football team right now. Their OL is horrid as is their QB Harrington. With that many #1 wrs what is going on in Detroit is a joke.
Lions went for #1 pick wideouts, 3 years straight? They do not block well for the QB. Is that Matt Millen guy still there? He talks a good game, wasn't he a talking head? This team has regressed. They have too much skill position depth, and no O line, and no QB's. The offense moved in spurts the first two games, but under heavy minutes last night it was totally ineffective. Pass protection, running, downfield blocking, blitz pickup, short yardage all equally bad. Graded out a D. If you were generous on two FG drives. Have a nice season Lion fans. And Mooch, does he have a special relationship with Jeff? If the crappy Browns don't want you, how bad are you? 49ers did not want him either, after Mooch left. Hmmm. Couple of supersuck teams there, but he will be better than the starter on the Lions.

The Rams for some reason always look like the greatest show on Earth when running fast on plastic. Under a dome. Put them on slow grass and they are pushovers. They did not improve that much in one week. Shows the difference between opponents Lions and Chargers also. Jackson is a stud, and Marshall just watches him run now. Big quick back, was very strong spotting for Faulk, but look for him to breakout this year. Fantasy player I would think with the defenses in their division. Except Zona. If those O line plug ins gel this Ram team could light it up, and play just hold on D. They are not as good as last night, I promise. That was lousy Lions failing to score in the Red Zone for a 11 quarter run. Scrubs got in with 57 seconds left, great. Martz is great blowing opponents away, he does not have to make a coaching decision. It is the tight games he tightens up, and pulls a Jim Mora, SR. Scary balanced offense. Like I said, if O-line patches stick, very nice team.

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