Students Allowed to walk out of school to attend ANTI Bush Rally


EOG Master

If you are sending your child to a government school for their daily programming, chances are overwhelming that your bundle of joy is going to wind up becoming a liberal Democrat. Today, courtesy of The Los Angeles Unified School District, we're going to show you how it's done.

There was a Bush-bashing rally being held in Los Angeles the other day. It was called "The World Can't Wait ? Drive Out the Bush Regime." Eager for as many people to attend as possible, the school district allowed 800 high school students from 10 schools to walk right out of class to attend. No word if they were given extra credit for their participation.

On top of that, adult staff were supplied to accompany them, and buses were provided for their return. That's right...taxpayer money being spent for the whole thing. Now stop and ask yourself something for a minute...suppose an anti-Hillary Clinton rally were being held. Would the same courtesy be extended? Of course not. The students wouldn't even be given the time of day to attend.

But because it was an event protesting the evil George Bush....the liberal, leftist, bedwetting school administration jumped right on board. Those who send their children off to be indoctrinated in government schools should take note.