such a shame

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But you know who he is, even though you just joined yesterday? Very interesting. You also know what a ghost is; another interesting thought.
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Holy shit.

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hey man
<hr style="color: rgb(43, 41, 94);" size="1"> hey man...i am not fighting irish and far from it.

not that u need to know or anything but i set him up with an online account and he lost 857 on the game and texted me and said, "i aint paying too bad"

i thought he was good tho, bc i required him to send me a $15 deposit for the fee on the online site.

i know where he lives, i know his mom and dads house address, i spoke with them, now he is hiding behind his phone but no big deal, i have a contact on his way over to miami right now.

but yes, please dont call me him, bc i am not, i am here to post some plays i like, and i took him in as a client bc i saw he needed a place to bet, but that is my riskk i took but i will be collecting from his soon,.
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This is going to be an all-time great thread, let's keep this up here.

Can you go into more detail on the $15 deposit man?
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haha i don't think he's lying timely, at least not about the credit site.

this is the dude (covette i think was his name) that asked if anyone wanted credit sometime last week. i asked him about the setup and he said you had to pay a $15 fee to use the site. sounded like a scam for 15$ so i didnt respond back, but i would say he's serious.

doubt he's serious about chasing irish down though
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That's hilarious if he gave broke ass fightingirish credit. ::LMAO:: That's hilarious that the retard bet $857 on the game, LOL. What an odd total. It's also funny that he said he talked to his parents. Holy cow, that shit is priceless, ::LMAO::.
Re: such a shame

I don't know either, it's why I'm skeptical, but it's hilarious either way. Oh my god I couldn't believe when he sent that to me. Then I posted it and he told me to stop posting lies.... :LMAO What the fuck? I posted exactly what he just said. ::LMAO::
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i know his mom and dads house address, i spoke with them,

Every time I read that I laugh so hard it's scary. I thought he was good for it because of a $15 deposit is another classic line. ::LMAO:: Yeah, I thought I could give him 1000 in credit because he gave me $15. The $15 was probably his allowance, and he lives with his mom and dad. ::LMAO::
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if you have to ask his parents for a reference probably not a good idea to be giving this guy a 1k credit line :LMAO
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Right when I saw the all lower case title I knew it was gold. I knew fightingirish was involved somehow. ::LMAO::

I'm looking for some answers. Have you talked to fightingirish. Even though I'm making fun of you, I hate fightingirish so lets get you paid!
Re: such a shame

Brick this is going to be fun. I'm just getting started. Hopefully our friend will come back with some answers. Hopefully his buddy had enough gas money to get to Miami. Wouldn't look good showing up to someones house on the back of a pick up.

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What is this? Everybody goes to Vegas and all these crackheads come out of the woodwork.Get at em boys:snort:
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X, it's what we do best; well that, and pick winners. Funny because sometimes it will be against someone you like, but we're not discriminating we're just calling the tools out for being tools.
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no what i said was for you to STOP calling me fighting irish because i am not,that is the false claim i am talking about.
i am not solicit anyone said i was irish i stuck up for myself that is all.