Sun 7-19 WWE “BattleGround” Odds Posted


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The World Wrestling Entertainment group has their "BattleGround" PPV scheduled for July 19th at the Scottrade Center in St Louis, Missouri. Though the matches have scripted endings, the WWE has a long history of keeping their story-lines under wraps, and the usual pro-wrestling hi-jinx of disqualifications, count-outs, interferences and use of foreign objects leave open the ability to constantly surprise. The sport books traditionally carry lines for the WWE pay-per-view offerings, but the lines usually appear just a few days before the event. "BattleGround" 2015 is unusual as the lines for three of the main events are already posted at EOG, more than three weeks before the live event.

Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar - WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Seth Rollins (end of broadcast ruling) +160
Brock Lesnar (end of broadcast ruling) -210

Note: Brock Lesnar alone may be the reason the books are already giving this show attention. The former WWE and UFC Champion is returning after the storyline saw him suspended since just after Wrestlemania at the end of March. He is looking to win back the WWE title that Seth Rollins is holding ever since Wrestlemania, and the unstoppable nature of Lesnar’s character likely see him winning the title back. Rollins however, has spent most of the three months he has held the belt extending his reign at all costs, so there is a strong possibility that the WWE extends Lesnar’s chase of the belt through a second PPV offering.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt - Singles Match

Roman Reigns (end of broadcast ruling) -150
Bray Wyatt (end of broadcast ruling) +110

Note: Reigns was christened the golden boy late last year, but the audience seemed to think it was too fast. Since then, Reigns story has been one of getting oh so close to opportunities only to have them snatched away at the last second. That story was the initiation of this feud with Wyatt, as Reigns saw his opportunity to win the last “Money in the Bank” contract bout that would have led to a world title shot snatched from his hands by Wyatt’s interference. Wyatt is very creative on the microphone and he is a great in-ring performer as well, but the WWE has seen him lose direction a bit. Though the end game of this feud is probably to see Reigns overcome the obstacle, the WWE needs to extend this feud so as to maintain both men’s credibility, so anything can happen in this first meeting.

John Cena vs Kevin Owens - WWE United States Championship

John Cena (end of broadcast ruling) -135
Kevin Owens (end of broadcast ruling) -105

Note: Another unusual feud for the WWE that has already seen the men split two meetings. For the last ten years, the WWE has not let John Cena fall to far from the top, but he has been facing a competitor in Owens who has more than carried his weight in terms of story and in-ring work. For ten years, every time Cena has faced adversity in the ring and people have asked “is this the guy” that is going to unseat Cena. Cena putting Owens over now that the United States title he carries is on the line would be a big sign that the WWE has very high expectations for Kevin Owens.

All matches graded with final decision as broadcast ends, see sports book rules section for all conditions. Check your sport book for specifics.
Several other matches have already been announced, including the “Triple Threat” bout for the Intercontinental belt between Ryback, The Big Show and The Miz and the tag-team belts are on the line as The Prime Time Players face The New Day. Look for more odds closer to the show. It also bears noticing that the lines available here are a lot tighter than the usual offerings for WWE events, indicating that if you are going to bet on these events you are going to need to follow the storylines on their various television series.