sun preseason...

ytd: 3-1 +380

StL/Sd over 41.5 -105 X2 I just see alot of offense with the Rams who ran alot more than normal against the bears. Rivers should get alot of playing time and hopefully opens it up.

good luck

just cover
Just a fyi the ytd is for the posts made here. With those plays saturday I am up about $176 for the entire preseason. I post at another forum and don't want someone thinking I am pullin' a fast one on them with only a 3-1 ytd if they visit the other site. It probably is a waste of time posting this for some but accurate records is a must in my book if you are going to post. So what plays I post here are in the ytd record. Also thank you to Shrink, Jersey Mike and Lowdown for the replies in sat's preseason thread.

just cover
Good luck to you BGS. I was just down in Orlando in March. My sister lives outside Tampa Bay and we took the families to Disney- was there from 9am till close to 9pm and that was all I could take with all of the kids drivng crazy especially after partyin' with the night before with the brother in law till 3am.