EOG Dedicated
BILLS +190 Bills have started off 0-2 so far and it doesn't look good that they are now facing a team that some rank #1 in Power Ratings. But, with the Cards coming off a pounding of the Bucs, and traveling West to East for an early game, I'm giving a shot to the Bills.

REDSKINS +155 Hate to go against my Giants here, but it seems like the right thing to do. I assume that OJB will behave himself, but who knows. Giants always let down at the wrong times. Today should be one of those days.

TITANS +103 Another case of a West coast team traveling East for an early game. Titans pulled out a win against the Lions, and just could have the momentum to defeat their west coast foe.

JETS ++140 Chiefs just don't have that same home field advantage they used to have, and the Jets will exploit that with their heavy pass rush getting to Smith. Jets have the receivers to matriculate the ball down the field.

EAGLES +170 You know everyone will be on the Steelers this afternoon, but I'm looking the other way. Wentz is the real deal and he sure isn't acting like a rookie as he's spotting his 2nd and 3rd wideouts and completing passes like an experienced vet. Steelers only have one sack this year and that's not going to scare this rookie.

Wanted to take the Chargers, but the line moved the opposite way due to injuries.