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Tom Crean parlayed Dwayne Wade's stardom at Marquette into the big job at Indiana.

I knew he was a little goofy when he hired Steve McClain (former Wyoming head coach and current Illinois-Chicago head man) to be an assistant in Bloomington.

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Re: Tan Tommy Crean

Recapture past glory with Crean?

Possible, I guess.

Neither Wojo nor Crean emphasize defense.

I like the direction the Big East is headed with a 10-team conference and a Fox Sports 1 contract.
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New Mexico would be a good fit imo, but people say it won't happen.

Joe Dooley from Florida Gulf Coast and Scott Cross from UT Arlington in the running.

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Re: Tan Tommy Crean

I'd always lean to the young guy on the up escalator as opposed to the older guy coming down.
Tom Crean going to be in for a rough one tomorrow vs Fran Dunphy imo.

Dunphy in his final year (hopefully he can pull a Stew Morrill, went like 60% ats in his final year) should put the coaching mismatch on full display tomorrow, hopefully!
So Tom Crean says in presser it is his fault for keeping players from previous coach on his team.

Media/twitter blowing up the statement. Even one of the moms of a current player taking a shot at Crean on twitter.

Will be interesting to see how they play tomorrow vs Texas A&M

(Also of note he just got maybe the best guard in the country, Edwards, to commit)


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He said that after the ole miss loss sat.
Antwan Walker, who now works for the sec network said he's lost the team.
Will be interesting to see how they play tommorow nite.

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Antoine Walker earned $100 million in the NBA and yet filed for bankruptcy in 2007.

CAUTION: Gambling can be hazardous to one's financial health.


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Tom Crean dumped every scholarship player at Indiana when he took over. So, how does that equate in today's transfer rules? New coach comes in - withdraws scholarships - can those players transfer and play right away? But, he must have taken a lot of heat for that.
Crean should give a percentage of every paycheck he receives to Wade.

Wade was so brilliant during that Final Four run he made people think Crean was basketball smart.
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Winning point, AA.

And D-Wade was a Prop 48 at Marquette.

He sat out his freshman season but schooled Marquette starters in practice sessions.

How good was Wade in practice?

He consistently outplayed senior Brian Wardle, who averaged more than 18 points per game for Marquette during the 2000-01 season.

Wardle is now the head coach at Bradley University.