Teddy Covers' 5% Top Play MNF

I would ask why you wouldn't just bet over. If he feels strongly about Houston +7 they would need to limit Brees and company to crumbs which is a tall stretch.

I dont see their secondary holding up.

I see a shootout all night.
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Watson has not lost a game as a starter by more than 7 points in his career. Houston defense Romeo outperforms league average vs Brees , I’ll take the points and saints under 30 TT
Interesting stats dog. They had A.Foster all them years and they played more conservative. Relied on defense. They brought in Tunsil to unleash Watson but I dont think they have the defense to limit a team like NO.
I'm just not a fan of this league. I dont like how things are. I don't.

I dont give a shit what the correct thing is to say or politically correct but these guys are overpaid bums.
As always, on point. Pathetic pieces of shit. All overpaid bums. Its going over because these guys are idiots. Would be slinging crack rock if it wasnt for football...
closers on the saints game

caesars 7-05
Whill N J& NEV 7-EVEN
Wynn 7 -110
coasts 7 -110
Mirage 7-110

had to hurt on a monday night

all offshore at saints - 6.5


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Ole Teddy has bounced around the tout circuit forever..If any want a laugh watch Life on the Line w Teddy Fezz etc..last scene is classic shows how delirious Teddy is or is he..
This is the biggest problem with idiots like this. They have no filter because they live in a fake world. They can go 100 for 234 and not miss a beat because they are living off bullshit.