The bet you absolutely NEED to make: Manchester United vs Arsenal

For some reason or another I profit in the sport of soccer. Maybe its because I'm interested in tactics, maybe the players, maybe the managers or maybe it has to do with really understanding the dynamics and situations that arise in the sport. Of course luck is involved especially when there are deflections or post shots that creep in but in what sport do these not happen? None.

I strongly believe we have a situation here where things can get out of control quickly or at the very least an entertaining show for at least 90 minutes and stoppage time..

It's been documented that Manchester United is going through some rough times. Players not adapting to manager Mourinho's style. Drawing and losing to teams they shouldn't, playing dull cautious soccer. To make matters worse for them in their current form, they have no defenders. They don't even have enough defense to even fill the roster right now. Arsenal is not the team you want to go up against in this form. The fluidity and ease at which they're playing right now and have been throughout the season is quite remarkable. The days of Wenger are done. Manager Emery is a different type of animal. Hes the type of manager who will kick you when you're down. Given Arsenal's POOR history against Man United, I believe Emery won't call his dogs off at any point in the match. The field will be slick because there will be some rain today which will make things even more favorable to a team like Arsenal but even with that said, his 3 man defense isn't impenetrable. Maybe United can turn some heads here or maybe not but one thing is for certain....

over 3 goals -103 for a hefty amount

Contrary to what you may or may not think of me, I urge you to place this bet. I urge you to take off work and tune into this match at 2:00 pm central. I urge everybody to really back my prediction here because December 5th 2018 will be a great day.
I am doubling down on over 3 because Jose Mourinho is the biggest joke in the world right now. I just can’t believe he’s throwing out Bailly today and starting Matic once again in less than a week.

This guy is completely off his rocker.