The black cat

That was amusing. I also enjoyed the MNF crew commentary, which IMO was the best part of the game.

It sure took them a long time to deal with blacky. If it had been a streaker i imagine he would have been taken down promptly. With the cat the "state troopers" had to be called in.

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When a Las Vegas minor league hockey team played at Orleans Arena, the team shared the facility with entertainers and circus acts.

The Orleans informed the Wranglers in late 2013 that their lease would not be renewed for the following season.

Before the final game of the team's existence in 2014, the circus performed a weeklong run at the arena.

The team never gained traction in town (not like the Vegas Golden Knights) and the elephants in the circus left a farewell message to the team on the floor of the arena.

Not exactly a fond farewell.

Anything worse than elephant dung?
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