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Rich Eisen had a voice clip of Joey after his pitchers got rocked by the Yankees last year in London. He was asked about
it and said the Yankees are better due to their biggest acquisition, Carlos Beltran (lol)......yes Beltran, assistant to GM Beltran, not on the field Beltran. He followed up how they (Yankees) are paying better attention to detail than them (lol) and they have to do better.

The moral of the story. This may have been under the radar for fans but everyone in the league knew and always tried
to one up the opponent in the covert operation game.
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So do you go after Beltran? If you do you'll open a Pandora's box that will taint baseball worse than steroids or Pete Rose.
If they truly do crack down on use of cameras to steal signs, do you think totals will be affected next year? My guess is if they dig deep enough every organization is doing it in one way or another. Baseball is an information game, knowing the probability of what pitch is coming based on the count, pitching style, and pitchers repertoire. Or in this case just knowing what pitch is coming every time.

We stole signs all the time in highschool. I personally have no problem with it. The use of cameras seems sketch but everyone's doing it. Much like the steroid era it's an even playing field if everyone is on the juice.
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Casinos not crazy when people use their brain to count cards, but it is 100% legal. Try bringing in a computer to count cards for you: you will be arrested.