The Cowboys and this signficant setback (ugly loss?)


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The media is all over this like the Cowboys should have walked into Foxboro and beaten the defending Super Bowl champions. How was this ugly because I saw them fighting tooth and nail and only lost by 4 points.

The Cowboys are not done - they can still win their division. Even if they would have won it is not like they had a cakewalk to the division and would have been still behind in a possible wild card? Ok - now a wild card is probably out the window.

Their is an argument that the Cowboys have a decent amount of skill and that loss shows what kind of level they are capable of. There are at least 15 teams in the NFL that would lose by 17 or more in Foxboro!


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All things considered I thought the Cowboys played well, no one beats NE at their place anyway, and if not for a bogus tripping call, maybe the outcome would have been different.
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By no means are they done. However a win would have put them up by 2 games in the NFC East race. And that's huge considering the schedule continues to be tough and a short week with Buffalo on Thursday. Plus it's a huge win if you notch it against the top defense and knowing you still have one more game at Philly left on the slate. That late chippie fg defines their lack of urgency factor to take chances on 4th down. I know it's a one possession game and you're battling the elements, but let's face it. There's no pleasing Jerry and the same approach is taken under eventual lame duck Garrett week after week.
Dallas played great despite the injuries and totally got jobbed on those 2 Tripping penalties. That first one was not a penalty.

The play selection though was pathetic. They needed to get Cooper into the flow early on short passes or rubs but Garrett and the O Coordinator seem lacking in creativity. Settling for 3 in the end reveals he needed to be fired last season? Jerry Jones likes to hold court in the Media though (ego), and has been bitching about Jason Garrett for years. Years. Enough already. Get a new HC or shut up. Going for a FG with so little Time left shows he doesn't get it.

But Dallas is the best it has been in some time and should be scared of nobody, but may have a rougher road in the NFC (SF, NO, SEA). That Gallup kid (Colorado St) is better than Cooper and they need Zeke running mad and catching short passes in the flat. They are too predictable when they use Zeke. You can build a city around Dak and I expect him to thrive their for years. The problem may be how good the NFC has become in 2019.

Cutting their teeth on the best NFL team ever (NE) at their place where they get all the calls in such crappy weather should serve the Cowboys well the next few years. That game will have made Men out of some and left an imprint in their minds. I was impressed to a degree but still can't believe he settled for a FG. Against New England. Dallas easily the best in the NFC East. The Eagles had 3 celebrations in the End Zone when they had 3 points late Sunday and were losing the whole way. Wentz is just not that great. These celebrations need to go away again. These kids all look so stupid. Me me me. My man Edelman would never do that goofiness.
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Not a bad loss, but Garrett has needed to go for awhile. The whole team needs a rethink. When they go to the passing game (as they should), they look so full of potential. However as it gets later in the year and into the playoffs these guys constantly go conservative and that is 100% on the coach. Say what you want about Dak, he can look really good if you let him throw early and often with lots of play action and some RPO looks. A real clear example of why paying a RB is stupid as hell in the modern game.
their problem is goal to go offense.

Against Minnesota they were there twice at the end of game, 0 tds
Kicked a fg against NE as well.

The Thu game should be dubbed the "Neither of us have beaten anyone yet" game


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Well, yes-this could be a good game with Buffalo. But, wow 7 seems about 3 too many??? So, motivation is probably on the Cowboys and that must be the 3 point stretch.