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The EOG Octagon is a head-to-head handicapping showdown featuring a winner-take-all purse of 2,500 bananas.

Each contestant provides 1,000 bananas to the prize pot with EOG supplying the added money.

The format is simple: Fifty (50) plays over a 31-day period featuring NFL, NCAAF, NBA and NCAAB plays.

All plays at -110 or less.

Contestants must select full-game sides or totals, first-half sides or totals and halftime sides or totals.

Contestants are allowed only one wager per event.

Contestants will post selections using pointspreads from the following establishments: CRIS, Pinnacle, BetDSI, Westgate and William Hill.

Once a contestant posts a selection, neither the contestant nor the opponent can submit a play in the same game.

To make an official selection, each contestant must submit the following four pieces of information in the post: Betting number, team name, price/pointspread and available sports book.

The handicapper with the higher winning percentage will be declared the winner.

Tiebreaker: Better record over the last 5 plays, last 10 plays, last 15 plays and so on.

At month's end, the winner stays on the court for the following month and the loser goes home, except for our initial showdown which will feature a Best-of-3 format.

I'll try to recruit ABUNDY, EJD_5277, HEIM, KANE, NUT6, PINNACLE420, SCOOPER, SVBETTOR, TOBY TYLER, VIEJO DINOSAUR, YISMAN, ZZYZX ROAD and others for this space in 2019.
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Best of luck to Birdie here in the month of March.

The winner of this month's showdown will meet ZZYZX ROAD in April.

The rest of our spring and summer schedule:

May - EJD5277

June - Scooper

July - Abundy

August and beyond - Viejo Dinosaur, Heim, Inkwell77 and more

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If you cannot win in March, you should not consider yourself a basketball expert.

So many important games, so many good betting opportunities.

I like quick rematches in every sport so I will look for chances to bet teams facing one another twice in a short period of time (7-10 days) in various conference tournaments.

I also love to bet the Saturday and Sunday action in the NCAA Tournament when teams are wheeling back in 48 hours.

And, of course, the consolation hoop tournaments like the NIT, CIT and CBI.

My realistic goal in March in this space is 18-12.

A dream result would be 20-10.

The tight market, so efficient at this time of season, doesn't allow one to perform much better.

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Glad to hear it, Kane.

Likely a strong correlation between fave and over AND dog and under.

Total is 147.5.

Clemson defends well and UNC loves to get up and down.
JK....I think it is tougher to pick games against the spread during the tournaments....if you win in March then you should be called an expert....

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Interesting take, Arturo.

I prefer March over February.

Lots of one-time situations which we have never seen before and likely will never see again.

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A devilish selection that needed a prayer along the way.

Wonder how the Selection Committee will view Clemson's string of close losses?

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JK and I have agreed to 50 plays this month.
A brilliant suggestion by Birdie.

Love the flexibility of this competition whereby if the two contestants agree to amend a rule, the new standard is adopted.

Fifty plays instead of 30 plays provides a truer outcome.

We still need to create a way to grade MLB plays for April and beyond.

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Also presents a potential snoozefest if one-sided.

Good counterpoint, Jimmy.

Reminds me of Coors Field when they first introduced the new park in Denver.

Everyone said they couldn't wait for some exciting 13-12 games.

Instead, for every 13-12 game, they got plenty of 9-3 and 10-4 final scores.

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Won a pair of coin flips.

Both games could have gone bad.

The Pistons scored the final 10 points of the game in the overtime session.

Flipper and Patrick cashed with better positions than mine.

Nicely done, gents.