The genius of Jim Harbaugh?

Fair to start this discussion. L2 Michigan coaches didn't have much success. At times, Michigan program dipped to the depths. They lost to Toledo and AppSt.

3 shutouts in a row! Ranking will surely be Top10 now. Wolverines look much sharper than OhioSt and MichSt right now.

Turnaround is a relative term. Some surely saw it coming. This quickly? Unimaginable. He did it w/ one recruiting class and the remaining players. How did he do it so quickly?


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Re: The genius of Jim Harbaugh?

I honestly thought it would take until he got his recruits in, amazing to me.

Anybody know what the look ahead was on Mich-Mich St at Golden Nugget in August, have to guess MSU 10 or 11 and now Michigan is probably small fav.