The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??


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The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

Sunday, February 15, 2009, 05:50 PM

Obama and his Democratic cohorts incessantly lecture the American people about ?shared sacrifice? in these times of economic crisis. Obama just last week set limits on executive pay at companies that have taken government loans. The Democratic Congress (led by Senator Chris Dodd) then one-upped Obama by setting strict limits on executive bonuses as well. The Democratic cabal of Obama/Reid/Pelosi describe raising taxes on the wealthy as ?fair? on news programs virtually every hour of every day. Every mention out of the mouths of liberal Democratic politicians is about the sacrifice that should be made by CEO?s, executives, and high-income taxpayers. I agree- everyone should sacrifice. But shouldn?t ?everyone? include government and Obama?s supporters too?

I will agree with President Obama on one topic. I agree that executives from companies that take taxpayer money must play by a new set of rules. Once you accept money from the government, strings are attached. Uncle Sam is calling the shots. And government has a right and responsibility to protect taxpayers (from excessive compensation). CEO?s and other executives of private companies have every right- with Board of Directors and shareholder approval- to take any compensation packages and golden parachutes they deem acceptable. But they don?t have a right to award obscene compensation packages when they are living off loans from taxpayers. I do not feel sorry for these CEO?s or executives- they brought this all upon themselves. The lesson for corporations is simple: NEVER again accept money from government.

But the real question is why should CEO?s and high-income taxpayers be the only ones asked to sacrifice? If we are in a once-in-a-lifetime crisis, doesn?t everyone have to sacrifice- even Obama?s voters and contributors? When Obama gives ?tax cuts? to the 40% of Americans who don?t pay taxes in the first place, exactly how are they sacrificing? When Obama talks about sacrifice, how come he never mentions rank and file autoworkers? You mean blue-collar union members who get paid $160,000 per year in salary, pension and health benefits to drill rivets into fenders, shouldn?t be asked to sacrifice? You mean their obscene compensation packages aren?t part of the problem? If you do the math, it isn?t the CEO making $5 million per year that is bankrupting auto companies. It is bloated union contracts awarding hundreds of thousands of autoworkers the obscene amount of $160,000 each that is bankrupting the ?Big 3? automakers. Why isn?t Obama asking the auto unions to sacrifice? Could it be because they bribed him (legally) with multi-million dollar contributions and millions of man-hours campaigning for him (manning phone banks, going door to door, licking envelopes, etc)? Could this whole idea of sacrifice be a cynical political ploy?

If it isn?t all about politics, how do you explain that Obama has not asked teachers to sacrifice a thing? Or college professors. Or federal government employees. Or state and local government employees. Or union members. As the old lady in the Burger King commercials might have said, ?Obama, where?s the shared sacrifice?? Because I don?t see any sacrifice coming from Obama?s side of the table. While 50 states are in recession, guess whose economy is still booming? The District of Columbia. The hiring and spending of government goes on unabated during this unprecedented economic crisis. So where?s the sacrifice in D.C?

I certainly don?t see the sacrifice coming from Senators and Congresspersons. Have they agreed to cut their salaries until this economic crisis is over? Last I checked, many of Obama?s cabinet appointees have admitted they don?t even pay their fair share of taxes. His Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner- tax cheat. His Health & Human Services appointee Tom Daschle- tax cheat. Nancy Killefer, his choice for Chief Performance Officer- tax cheat. His Labor Secretary Hilda Solis- her husband appears to be a tax cheat. Don?t forget the Democratic Congressman in charge of tax policy Charles Rangel- tax cheat. It?s pretty easy to spread the wealth around, when you don?t pay any taxes yourself. It?s pretty easy to point fingers and rail about sacrifice, when you don?t think those same rules apply to you.

When Obama uses the economic stimulus money to hire 600,000 new federal employees, where?s the sacrifice for those 600,000 new Democratic voters? When Obama hires 100,000 new teachers, where?s the sacrifice for those 100,000 new Democratic voters? Not only are none of those people being asked to sacrifice today, they are now set to receive government salaries, cost of living increases, obscene pensions, and health care benefits for LIFE. We (the taxpayers) are on the hook for these new government employees for the next 50 or more years- no matter how bad the economy is. And unlike the private sector, they have a guaranteed job for life; generous paid holidays throughout the year; and the right to retire at age 45 or 50 (with almost full pay for LIFE). Where?s the sacrifice of this privileged government class?

As 600,000 Americans per month lose their jobs in the private sector, why isn?t government laying off hundreds of thousands of employees? Why are state and local employees in my home state of Nevada facing no layoffs and getting their annual pay RAISES, while small businesspersons like me are laying off workers; taking huge pay cuts; putting our own personal money into our business in a desperate attempt to survive; or going out of business. Where?s the ?shared sacrifice??

Why should Obama ask business owners to sacrifice so that government employees can get pay raises in the worst economy of our lifetimes? Why should businesses sacrifice and lay off employees, while government continues hiring like everything is fine? Why are government union employees getting awarded with privileges that no one in the private sector could hope for? No one I know in business gets guaranteed jobs for life; or guaranteed cost of living and ?step up? pay increases; or bloated pensions of almost their full last year?s salary; or gets to retire at age 45 or 50 after only 20 years of work; or gets health care paid for by taxpayers for LIFE. I know no one getting any of those things in the private sector. I have no pension of any kind. Who created this privileged class? Why don?t government employees have to sacrifice like the rest of us?

I have no trouble with Obama asking me to pay higher taxes, or asking CEO?s to limit their pay, as long as he agrees to massive layoffs and pay cuts for government employees. As long as he agrees to cut government spending dramatically, as opposed to increasing it while I?m busy cutting spending and sacrificing. As long as he demands that auto unions re-structure union contracts agreed to in more prosperous times, that now threaten to bankrupt their employers. If Obama is going to ask for sacrifice, then we all have to be rowing in the same boat, in the same direction. But some of us cannot be benefiting, while others sacrifice.

From my side of the street- as the taxpayer that is being asked to pay for all this government theft and waste, I just don?t see any ?fairness? in President Obama?s message of sacrifice. I see a cynical political ploy to punish private sector taxpayers who traditionally don?t vote Democrat; and reward those who live off government jobs and handouts- and who just happen to vote Democrat. I see a cynical political ploy to rob Peter to pay Paul- so that the private sector that supports conservative candidates and causes is weakened? and Obama?s Democratic supporters are flush with cash to contribute to future Democratic campaigns.

When Obama blames CEO?s of failed banks and Wall Street companies and wants to hold them responsible, I agree. But who holds failed government employees responsible? Government agencies waste and spend and lose billions- just like Wall Street did in the Fall of 2007. Isn?t the U.S. Postal Service failing? Isn?t it losing billions of dollars per year? Isn?t the public school system failing badly? Is Obama holding those government employees responsible or accountable? The big difference is that government has been losing money every year since inception, while Wall Street and banks just had one bad year. The other difference of course is that no matter how much money government loses, they just ask taxpayers for more. Obama asking the CEO?s of private industry to be responsible and accountable is the very definition of audacity.

This Obama economic stimulus bill has nothing remotely to do with ?shared sacrifice.? It?s a massive vote-buying-scheme. It?s about expanding the size of government and the privileged government employee class. It?s about expanding the size of the Democratic Party. It?s about making more people dependent on welfare and government handouts. It?s about forcing one group- the people who didn?t vote for Obama- to do all the sacrificing. I don?t mind sacrificing. To the contrary, I?ll do anything to save this great country. We are facing a once-in-a-lifetime economic tsunami that demands sacrifice from everyone. But with all due respect Mr. President, ?everyone? includes government, government employees, Washington D.C. bureaucrats, politicians on both sides of the aisle, and your supporters. So next time you lecture us on ?shared sacrifice,? try to share some of it.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book will be released by John Wiley & Sons this Spring entitled, ?The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.? The book is available for pre-sale at Wayne also happens to be Barack Obama's college classmate (Columbia University Class of '83). For more of Wayne's views, commentaries, or to watch his many media interviews, please visit his web site at:


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Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??


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Can't Inspire the People? Use Fear"

Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

well stated Dawg ....

Thank God Neal Cavuto can help Contrarian understand how this is all Baracks doing !!!
Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

Republicans are trying their damndest to destroy the country from the inside while taking absolutely no responsibility for today's financial issues.

They spent an entire election cycle steeped in hate ads towards the opposition, never talking about any real issues and, to this day, are still mystified as to why they lost.

It should be clear to them that Americans, in general, aren't going to put up with their bullshiat anymore, but they just keep hunkering down, pandering to their moonbat-crazy base, thinking they'll re-take the government in 2012. And the only way to do that is to make sure Obama fails at every turn, so that they can point and say, "Look--he was wrong! We were right! You guys all made the wrong choice!"
Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

One has to wonder when Alan Keyes, who is a very intelligent man, will get tired of being trotted out os the GOP's "token". Colin Powell got tired of being the main cog in the GOP's attempt to "urbanize". Hopefully, Alan will wake up.


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Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

This Obamaite disappeared into the hills probably never to be heard from again after he realized what a dumb ass decision he made voting for the fraud ccommunist Obama.

It's Socialist this week.First week of the month is Communist. Damn didn't you get the memo?????????


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Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

Friday, October 2, 2009, 10:39 AM


Obama Desperately Needed Olympics to Distract the Masses from Deepening Economic Disaster.

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts

Experts love to say that certain big companies and banks are ?too big to fail.? The reality is our federal government is too big to succeed. It's all going down in flames for Obama- ?the anointed one.? He has proven once again that government spending has failed miserably. The economy continues to crumble. Unemployment continues to rise (another 200,000+ announced today). The full (ie truthful) unemployment picture is now at a unimaginable 17%. Sales of cars- without the ?Cash for Clunkers? giveaway- continue to collapse. Banking experts know that a new wave of residential housing foreclosures is on the way. Worse, a complete collapse of commercial real estate is starting, as landlords of office buildings, strip malls, and shopping centers hand the keys to banks. How do I know? It's happening now in Las Vegas- and we all know ?what happens in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas.? Consumer spending is getting worse- small business owner friends of mine report sales are dropping off a cliff- the worst they've seen yet in this 2 year depression.

As the economic disaster deepens, the White House and Fed lie to us all and tell us that the recession is over. It's either ignorance, delusion, irrational exuberance, or outright fabrication. You decide.

I believe the bad news above is a sign that not only is the recession not over, but the pain is deepening. We are not at the end, but rather only at the beginning. Before this is over, it will be called ?The Great Depression II? in the history books. All of Obama's big government intervention has failed. Worse, his irresponsible and incomprehensible spending has made it far worse. Government screws up everything it touches- only this time it is our economic future on the line.

And President Obama's reaction to the dark storm clouds approaching? He chooses to fly off to Denmark to lobby for the Olympics. Huh? Is this man kidding? Think of all the wasted airplane fuel that will contribute to global warming- all for a one day trip to discuss?sports? What, no furor from liberal environmentalists? What a surprise.

My educated guess is that Obama and his cynical political advisors desperately needed this victory. They realized that Obama's sinking polls needed an instant boost to stop the bleeding. Worse, they desperately NEEDED to be awarded a Chicago Olympics as a distraction for the masses because of what is coming down the road- economic Armageddon. But Obama's latest weapon of mass distraction is now scuttled.

What would the Olympics have meant for Obama? More ?Weapons of Mass Distraction.? More government spending of money we don't have. More rip-off of American taxpayers and future generations of our children. More bribes and payoffs for Obama's corrupt friends in Chicago. More overpaid jobs for Obama's union cronies. And one giant distraction for those Americans too ignorant to understand that Rome is burning, while they are distracted by the pageantry of a meaningless Olympic event.

Well it didn't happen. We got lucky. The world saved us from another event that would plunge us even further into insolvency and bankruptcy. Even Obama's global fans are getting sick of ?the Anointed One.? This Olympic rejection was an embarassing global slap in the face. The world just handed Obama the worst defeat of his Presidency. He must be in shock. My advice: Get used to it Mr. President- I have a gut instinct that far worse news is coming down the road.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, ?The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.? For more of Wayne's views, commentaries, or to watch his many national media appearances, please visit his web si


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Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??


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Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??


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Nothing Obama says can be believed - that's why I never watch his speeches anymore. I never got the whole appeal anyway - his speeches were always vague with no substance, and I thought Hillary did a better job throughout the primaries. This is what the public wanted, so now we have to deal with it.


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Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

Nothing Obama says can be believed - that's why I never watch his speeches anymore. I never got the whole appeal anyway - his speeches were always vague with no substance, and I thought Hillary did a better job throughout the primaries. This is what the public wanted, so now we have to deal with it.
People were actually dumb enough to believe the whole hope and change B.S.
He is nothing more than a typical politician peddling the usual B.S.


What you contemplate you imitate
Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

White House LIES:
CFC[Cash for Clunkers]

Friday, October 30. 2009
Posted by Karl Denninger in Editorial

This is ridiculous and anyone who believes it deserves to eat the White House Dog's used food:
The administration's blog post argued that Clunkers helped to lower auto prices on the rest of the vehicle market as well, a fact the administration said Edmunds ignored.
What a total load of crap.
First, I personally walked into dealerships during the "CFC" program time, and every single one of those dealers was literally screwing everyone who walked into the door.

Normally, you can buy an American car for $100 or so over invoice price. I have, in fact, not purchased one vehicle for more since I started buying cars! My last "new" American vehicle, a 2002 Suburban, was bought during the 0% "craze" following 9/11 and even with the 0% financing I bought it for $1,000 UNDER factory invoice. I saw no dealer willing to sell at anything approaching that number this time - they were all selling at full sticker, and two had their own "supplemental rip-off stickers" on the windows that they refused to negotiate on yet were full of junk (the usual "undercoating" and "fabric protection" for $250 garbage.) People literally got robbed to the tune of $2,000, $3,000 and sometimes more than the rebate was worthon these so-called "deals."

Second, this "program" destroyed the low end resale market. It literally took all those cars and crushed them! If you were in the market for such a clunker as the only car you could afford they all disappeared for the duration of that program.This did severe damage to sections of the used-car market and the consumers dependent on it.

This program was nothing other than a royal screwing of the American Consumer and a sop to the UAW, and that's a fact. Edmunds got this exactly right and the White House is pissed off that they got called on their incessant lies by a very influential auto industry publication.
Well, boo-freaking-hoo Barry.



What you contemplate you imitate
Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

Shared Sacrifice!

More Crapulis money being spent

Cant figure out why we keep losing jobs?? :+clueless

Social Security spends $700,000 on Phoenix conference: Airfare, hotel entertainment, dancers...


Military Escalation:
Obama okays $130 billion
for Afghanistan, Iraq wars

Global Research, October 30, 2009

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama Wednesday signed the fiscal 2010 National Defence Authorization Act during a ceremony at the White House.

Obama hailed the act, which contains $680.2 billion in military budget authority, as transformational legislation that targets wasteful defence spending.

The authorization act contains $130 billion to fund overseas contingency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and it also provides $6.7 billion for thousands of all-terrain, mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles now arriving in Afghanistan.

The president was accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, congressional leaders and other senior officials, including Defence Secretary Robert M. Gates and Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

?There?s still more waste we need to cut; there?s still more fights that we need to win,? Obama said, noting he and Gates will continue to seek out unnecessary defence spending.

Obama said he has ended unnecessary no-bid defence contracts and signed bipartisan legislation to reform defence procurement practices so weapons systems? costs do not spin out of control. ?Even as we have made critical investments in equipment and weapons our troops do need, we?re eliminating tens of billions of dollars in waste we don?t need,? Obama said.
?As commander in chief, I will always do whatever it takes to keep the American people safe to defend this nation,? Obama said. ?That?s why this bill provides for the best military in the history of the world.?
Money also is budgeted to fund programs that address ?real and growing threats,? Obama said. Such systems, he said, include the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter, the littoral combat ship, and more helicopters and reconnaissance support for deployed U.S. forces.

Obama praised Gates and Mullen for their hard work in developing the 2010 defence budget. ?I want to thank, publicly, Bob Gates for his service to our nation,? he said, and he added that Mullen has ?provided wise counsel and stood with us in our efforts to initiate reform.?

2010 National Defense
Authorization Act Signing
Oct 28, 2009
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Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

As we wind down on a very tough year, let me just say thank you Washington, for your shared sacrifice as we all bear down and get through this crisis together

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Outrage: Washington Having Its Best Year Ever at Your Expense

Consider this outrage: Last summer, internships in D.C. paid city youths for essentially doing nothing. The government gave several hundred disadvantaged kids "internships" to come and learn about politics and the capital. They were supposed to show up every day, check in, and shadow some politicos. Apparently, over the whole summer, only a couple showed up out of hundreds, yet they all got paid. Imagine the lessons they learned. It's a mockery of the ethics of hard work and responsibility.

But it gets worse. The newspaper USA Today reports that before the recession started, the Department of Transportation employed only one person earning more than $170,000 a year. (I might argue even one is too many). Today, more than 1,690 people there earn more than $170,000.

That's not a typo... In 18 months, the government has increased the number of people in one federal department making more than $170,000 by hundreds of thousands of percent. While the average American worries about making ends meet, these federal bureaucrats are taking more and more of our tax dollars. Moreover, I don't understand how there needs to be more than a few people at the Department of Transportation making that kind of money, yet there are thousands of them.

Look, the average federal worker makes $71,206 versus $40,331 in the private sector. I think this is absurd. And the counterargument from the government affairs director at a federal employees union is laughable. It's "because the government employs skilled people," he told the USA Today.

Folks, please listen... This nonsense will lead to higher and higher taxes. Unless we tell people in power to stop the nonsense immediately, things will go from bad to worse really quickly. I can't spend more than I earn. Neither can you. What makes lazy government bureaucrats think it works differently when they're spending someone else's money?

I encourage you to do what I do and write your local and national elected officials and tell them to stop spending our hard-earned money and start cutting taxes so people can get back to work. And also remember in upcoming election cycles to vote for people who will be fiscally responsible (we'll try and keep track of this for the 2010 elections). Sitting around and doing nothing about it is simply condoning the behavior.

Posted by Economic Analyst at <A class=timestamp-link title="permanent link" href="" rel=bookmark><ABBR class=published title=2009-12-19T15:21:00-08:00>3:21 PM</ABBR> 0 comments


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Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

U.S. Pays $400 Million in Bonuses to Federal Employees

by Publius <!-- Article Start -->
From New Jersey?s Daily Record:

The Obama Administration handed out more than $400 million in awards to federal employees last year, up by more than $80 million from the prior year, according to new government data.
The biggest winners were air traffic controllers and top managers in Washington, a review of fiscal year 2009 salary reports from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management showed.
OPM?s data, obtained by the Asbury Park Press through a freedom of information request, account for 1.3 million employees, or about 65 percent of the federal civilian work force.

The $408 million given in awards excludes the departments of Defense and Treasury, security agencies such as the CIA and FBI, the White House, Congress and various independent commissions and agencies, such as the U.S. Postal Service.
The defense department paid $92.1 million in awards in 2008, the latest year available. Awards were given to 100,000 of its 687,000 employees.
Continue reading here.


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Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

As most people "get it", and are trying to pay down debt and sacrifice today, .........

Federal Worker Salaries of $150,000+ Double on Obama?s Watch Government

"It's stunning when you see what's happened to federal compensation."
Read More ? 2348ji23e


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Re: The Great Obama Lie: ?Where?s the Shared Sacrifice??

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