The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

Where are the pics of these posters,

Gyno, unless that's really him
5 Star
Beantown Jimmy
William Lee

Or are some of them in this thread.
I'm in post #13.....Or is that William Shatner?
Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

how about you put a picture of urself ?

since youare a ghost in here

nobody knowz who you are ? so if you post a picture in here it does not matter

people will not know who you are so start it up boy

i am just busting ur balls u punk

i am 26 years old that mug shot on the picture looks like a 46 year old man

put ur mug picture in here so we can have some fun

instead of asking for way to much info for somebody that is new here

dont you think ur asking to much already ?
Sure. that's me on the right. about a couple years back.

View attachment 8059

What's the big deal about posting a pic. Unless you owe somebody.
Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

I have after a lengthy examination of all the facts in my possession come to a decision to recommend that Easystreet not pay Cory111 the balance of $46,000.
The $46,000 in question are indeed the direct result of him hitting three Royal Flushes in a period of 499 minutes of play that included no less than 8762 hands during a prolonged Jacks or Better Video Poker session that began on Monday, February 28th and ended on Tuesday March 1st..

The reasons for my decision have absolutely nothing to do with Cory1111's tarnished player reputation which was uncovered during my intense investigation. I am basing my decision solely on his play during the 499 minutes mentioned above.

My direct reasons for my carefully derived at decision:

1. Cory1111's reluctance to prove his innocence.

This could have been easily done by Cory simply accepting, the now well discussed, all expenses paid trip to Costa Rica.

In an effort to make the trip as safe as possible I made several concessions that Cory originally requested such as a secret arrival and departure date to and from Costa Rica. I also agreed to not disclose the hotel where he would reside during the visit. I assured him that he could be accompanied by anyone he wanted at all times during his visit including employees of SBR. All of whom would be allowed to oversee 100% of his activities that involved any contact with Easystreetsports

2. Once again, Cory1111's reluctance to prove his innocence.

The and I personally guaranteed all pre-arranged expenses to and from Costa Rica including a per diem allowance of $100 per day that would be paid to Cory if he fulfilled two tasks. These funds were to be paid to Cory regardless whether he passed or flunked these tasks.

The tasks were as follows;

First, Cory would agree to a simple polygraph test that would only be concerned with his video poker play at Easystreetsports, as described above.

Secondly, Cory would be asked to simply attempt to duplicate and demonstrate in person the 326 minutes session which includes breaks.

If Cory passed both agreed tasks he would receive his balance in full either on the spot or in more complicated but easily accomplished means so that he would be able to receive the funds in a fashion that was best suited to his welfare when re-entering the US.

3. Cory1111's outright refusal to take a polygraph, that would in no way be designed to incriminate him for any of his past transgressions but simply be focused solely on only the events at hand and also would be detailed and predetermined on a legal document prepared and agreed upon by all parties prior to Cory taking the polygraph.

4. After leaving the offer on the table for a full week with no further correspondence from Cory indicating that he would accept the offer in that time, I was forced to take it off the table and consult with a third party unbiased and nonaffiliated with either Easystreet or The

I decided to track down and seek the professional opinion of an expert in the field of the use of robots and other software designed to defraud Casinos such as Easystreet's Casino video poker game. Including other not pertinent to this dispute games such as on-line casino blackjack, roulette etc..

5. I asked him to provide for me a detailed report as brief but thorough as possible which could easily be understood in layman’s terms.

I submit that report now as my final reason that convinced me that Easystreet's clearly posted rules were broken by Cory during the 499 minutes of play mentioned above.

I will field all reasonable questions directed to either the Expert in the field or myself until 5PM EDT on Friday, April 8[SUP]th[/SUP], after which I will lock this thread.

Pleased be advised only civil posts containing logical on topic questions will be allowed in this thread. I will also scrutinize any new registration that obviously only registers here at The with the intention of criticizing myself, The, or my decision in general. I have no problem with known Rx posters posting questions in a civil manner. Please post any opinions in the other thread already in existence here in The Offshore Forum titled "Easystreet".

The communique posted below is copied verbatim from the contracted expert in the appropriate field that deals solely with Cory1111's play in The Casino during the 499 minutes described above.

From the expert in the field already described:

My Background:
6 years as a Gaming Engineer and Software architect in the US. Projects include Wynn, Encore, Caesars Palace, Native Games America and IGT/Acres platform support.

Research and Conclusion:

Based on my independent research into the issue I have come to the following conclusions.

1) A human did not play the 8762 hands of video poker that were examined. This conclusion is based on the fact that the "player" played an avg. of 17.6 hands of video poker per minute for 499 minutes without a single error. This is a statistical impossibility.

2) It's been stated that perhaps the auto-play feature was in use at the time and that the "player" was simply using the auto play feature to achieve his abnormally high rate of perfect play. This feature was verified to NOT be enabled and consequently unless the player somehow breached the platform security (nothing suggests this occurred), toggled the feature on, set a more advanced strategy than is currently available to that feature, toggled the feature off, and then wiped the logs; this as well is very unlikely.

3) The "player" had no apparent reaction to hitting the 3 royals (in fact playing straight through the royals at a continued rate of ~3 seconds per hand) and was unable to accurately answer whether he was dealt a royal (as he stated) or that he held 2 cards and then received a royal (which he did).

4) The odds of a player hitting a single royal flush is roughly 1 in 40,000. The odds of a dealt royal flush (the player stated he received a dealt royal flush) is 1 in 649,740. The odds of hitting 3 royal flushes in 8762 hands of poker is statistically impossible. In fact in all of the years I've been in gaming I've NEVER seen that happen (and I've reviewed millions of hands of poker).

5) Load tests on the system show an average screen draw time of approx 1.3 seconds, this leaves only 1.7 seconds for the "player" to recognize all of the cards on screen, compute optimal strategy, physically issue whatever action he wanted, and the system to receive that action and begin a new hand. While possible (though incredibly unlikely), it's even less likely that the "player" could keep the rate of play up with no discernible alteration in strategy, timing, etc for 136 minutes (which was the longest non interrupted play period).

6) Based on my review of the play logs, research of the Easystreet system, and discussions with other industry professionals; it is my professional opinion that the player used a bot or some other form of machine augmented assistance to play the hands at a rate fast enough to attempt to overwhelm the RNG and provide favorable odds to the "player".

I will continue my research into this issue and release any future findings as well to the appropriate entities.

If there are any questions please direct them to the RX who will direct them to me.
Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

OK. Here is what happened.

Fezzik went into the coffee shop at the El Cortez somewhere around 2:00pm pacific time. Normally when you are by yourself they seat you at a table for two(2) people, but Steve cried because he has his computer with him and he wanted a big table. So they gave it to him.

So Steve sets up shop on the table and orders lunch. During his meal Fezzik dicks around on his computer for hours while making the waitress refill his soda glass no less then five(5) times running her around like a dog.

Over two(2) hours later Fezzik packs up his computer and leaves the table for four(4) people he was tying up since he did not want to sit at a table for singles. Before he leaves he takes a good look around the restaurant to make sure the waitress is no where to be found then puts two(2) $1 bills on the table and a handful of about twenty(20) pennies and literally runs out the door. Now I will admit his gratuity was above 10%, but far below the standard 15% that you are supposed to tip when dining out.

You say you got bad service and the food did not taste good Steve, but from what I saw you were just being cheap. You ate all the food on your plate and having the waitress refill your soda glass NO LESS then five(5) times was probably worth giving her 15% right there.

The bottom line here Steve is if me and you ever go out to eat I will leave the tip. If I have to pay the check I will do that as well, but I also want to leave the gratuity. You see Fezzik being a public figure here in Las Vegas I can't be seen with a guy who leaves a pile of pennies on the table for a tip. I am sure you can understand that right? What in the fuck are you even doing walking around with a pocket full of pennies?

Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

Was Asked To Leave Thanksgiving Diner

Boys I was at my relatives today and they did not have game on and I had large postions on interactives so I went to one of the bedrooms where there was tv and pc. It was cool but then we had to eat so I would go up every 5 minutes to watch game and check my interactive positions and the host said it was annoying and rude. I was quiet every time I did this too. She was a ***** and kind of singled me out at the table. I told her I was a big bettor and needed to view game because of my positions and she frowned and said I was sick!!!

I ripped her saying this is my living and to back off. She was like 35, 5-4, 115 , Italiana and blonde, kind of hot. She said this is my house and you sit at table the entire time or leave. I told her to settle down and then went on to say you frustrated *****. Now it is getting heated and the older people are telling me to calm down and it is Thanksgiving. I tried explaining to my uncle I ave big money on the Detroit game and he did not want to hear it and said gambling is bad abd I should quit. I just listened.

The ***** was the one getting to me and then she brings up some **** that her brother-in laws cousin bought a leather jacket from me last year and she said it was shedding and he wanted his money back.

I said *** you *****!!! I do not need this as my leather coats are top of the line ans she said get the *** out of my house you degenerate bum and I said good bye to everyone and when I was leaving ans she was pushing me out the door I told her I guess no one is eating your *****, *****!!

She slapped me and told me never to come back.

I got into my van when to the one deli that as open and bought cole cuts and went home and ate and gambled in peace.

It is so true that gamblers are anti social.

So overall decent day

I split 1-1
Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

On Timothy McVeigh
"I think Timmy may have gotten saved and is in heaven, hopefully anyway."

"Ryan Leaf is a better quarterback than Peyton Manning."

"None of these are made up,Magic was a known bi-sexual long before he was kissing Isiah.I think Isiah is straight,a soft voice means nothing,and kissing a guy in public doesnt mean your gay, the Italians and Iranians do it all the time."

"I have my personal telephone book in a safety deposit box. I only play locks, if its not a lock I pass on the game... Thanksgiving always take the Dogs no matter what''

"Just like Aids was primarily the black and homosexual community, SARS appears to be primarily the Asian community. Maybe a Chinese conspiracy to trim the population.

"Jose Canseco was black balled from baseball because he was going to break Henry Aarons hr record."

"Im upper middle old money, my zip code is 92649 same as Mark Mcgwire. I know personally kids on the Marina Highschool Football team. I am from Southern California you are from lichtenstein. I have won fast serve contests at 136 mph, nuff said."

"nevertheless, MC Hammer is a better dancer than Micheal JAckson and is the greatest rapper of all time, some people are more happy without money, I think Hammer is one of those people."

"In the OrnageCounty Countryclub culture we gamble 2 dimes on games of donkeykong, we got billards, pingpong, gin, some of the biggest whales anywhere. We got folks that lose 2nd homes in nassaus where I hang out. I make lines on highschool football, my lines were so sharp last season I had to stop taking teasers, becasue the games were always right on the number"

"I play PADDLE TENNIS, Vince VanPatten has wins over John Mcenroe, what is there not to understand. His brother is the #1 PADDLE TENNIS Player in the world, the courts are in VeniceBeach, California, I am a California native, I play PADDLE TENNIS at a very high level, actually a world class level. If you dont believe I am a phenominal athlete ask Winkydink, I am in his senior yearbook as the starting QB on page 110, nuff said."
Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

Re: The most infamous pictures in Forumville history

I took an official one back in my freshman year of high school, believe it was called the Stanford-Binay or something. It was administered by the school psychologist, and I got a score of 167. Highly doubt I'd score anywhere near that nowadays. Killed far too many brain cells since that time.

Could possibly be why I've worked for one of the largest construction companies in the world (Turner International) as a project manager and then a project supervisor, own my own marble and granite company that cleared 1.5 million last year (posted tons of pictures for the fantasy guys), have won throughout my whole 11 year gambling career (can you say that?), own a brand new Mercedes E350, and built a gambling forum (rank # 83,132) that after only 5 months is busier than a forum that has been around for what? 7 years? (rank # 94,778) Not to mention, this was done all while still under 30. If you're not a hater yet, I have a pretty big cock if you ever want to compare that too.
Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

There are winners and losers, I am a winner. Guys that are losers cant comprehend that I guess. So when people say things they simply dont believe it.

But I went to Brown University and graduated with a 3.8 GPA without really trying too hard, I scored a 42 or 43 on my LSAT in the last year before they changed the scoring I also scored 1520 or 1540 (cant remember now) on my SATs to get into college. Some guys are smart and some guys test well, I am both. If you cant comprehend that then well it explains why you have such inferiority complexes.

As far as the sports stuff, I was a pretty good runner and when i graduated college I got even better. At 5' 10 and able to dunk a basketball do some math and figure out what kind of vertical you need to do that, like I said a guy on the team was 5' 8 and could dunk so his vert was better than mine.

With all that being said I am also a law school drop out convicted felon that never had a 'real' job his whole life. But I live better than most but am not the type to take it for granted or act like a rich dick like a lot of people I know do.

Just because you guys never did anything or had anything doesnt mean others dont. It also doesnt mean guys that have it are anything special. Like I said some of us are winners and most of you are losers...


Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

Bigger story teller.... Wantitall or Chute?

Both millionaires, both genius level IQ and schooling, both tough guys. Tough call.
Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

Not really into meeting people on the computer, it's just kind of weird, IMO. So, obviously I was worried if she was going to be gross, annoying, weird, etc... She was worried about the same thing with me. My knee is still majorly fucked, so it's not like we could do madd stuff either if the other one sucked, and she was staying with me. But we pushed it off for a while due to my knee, and it was just like fuck it.

With that said, I was blown away. The girl is absolutely beautiful in person, for one. Her pics don't do her any justice whatsoever. I always thought she was hot from her facebook pics, but the first time i saw her in person smiling and waving as she was coming down the airport escalator, I thought I was a spanish soccer announcer in my head...."gooooooaaaaaaalllllllll", lol. Real cool chick, down to earth, fun to just shoot the shit with and hang out with. Everyone that met her thought she was great. We were both really into each other, and must've got that we were a cute couple at least 5 times from random people. Just a really awesome time. It was even rough for both of us to say goodbye.



Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

Tough guy MMA stud above. :LMAO

Can you imagine that pussy getting the ring with anyone? No way Chute weighs more than 150 there. Shit, IceQueef probably weighs more than him and could kick his ass.
Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

Originally Posted by ChuteBoxe

My knee is still majorly fucked, so it's not like we could do madd stuff either if the other one sucked, and she was staying with me. But we pushed it off for a while due to my knee, and it was just like fuck it.

What is he trying to say? :+clueless


Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

He also claimed b/c of his fucked up knee that he couldn't make it to WU. Or use paypal. Or do a bank transfer online.

But of course he's a multi-millionaire business owner who lives with his popdukes and leases a shitty benz.

Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

It is at this time I must step down at EOG in my position. I have been gambling for well over 20 years and the addiction has taken its toll on myself and my family. The past few months have been increasingly difficult for what I have done to my family and myself. I have completely wiped out our savings, any money we had last month and have done this on a frequent basis. The latest incident with Slim which everyone in this email is aware of began back in July and went downhill since. If it where not Slim it would have been someone else.

My wife gave me the option of my family and children or a continued life of doing what I have done over and over. She told my children everything the other day including the debt I owe to Slim, that was not easy to swallow. She has hid my addiction from them for many years, in my heart I know she did the right thing as my kids have now begged me to stop. My wife is concerned about her safety as well as my children now at this point and she feels that someone would be coming to our home to collect on this debt, as do my children which makes matters even worse. I cannot put my family in this position anymore and have failed as a father and as a husband more times than I should have. The only way to get away from this entirely is to get away, to seperate myself from any form of gambling at all.

I apologize for giving EOG a black eye and would like to keep this private to avoid any drama on your forum. Please do not contact my home or cellular phone as it makes the situation increasingly difficult and I am at my breaking point as well is my wife. I again apologize to all of you but most important my family, hurting them and not seeing it over this amount of time has done unspeakable damage.


Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

That Ball-lessWonder post might be the most pathetic ever made in forumville. That is saying a lot too given some of the shit that Gyno, Jman, JJGold, Octoman, and others have made over the years.
Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

It's an infamous post and it's in about six other threads here @ EOG.

Now move along.
So, if you are the Head Moderator, why would you be resurrecting a post six threads deep?

We have seen this over and threads, best pictures..whatever...You're hanging on to that. All old stuff.

But you never produce anything new. We kinda know that.

You are lucky to hold your job.
Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

Yes, I'm very lucky.

If you don't like this thread- don't read it. Once again... move along.

Thank you.
Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

Post Review crew.

Please listen.

I am on post review for arguing back with Joey and his crew. Ok, I understand.

However, I have to use my PM's for a personal issue. Shrink was a partner with me on a horse race. He owes me 2k. I am trying to get this taken care of my way. My way is use of my PM with Richard from Betphoenix. I do not have the time to play post review games. I am serious. I waited until Ken was laid to rest, however 2k of my money is gone. Up in smoke....Ken was going to place my 2k on the derby.

I believe Betphoenix might have been thge place that booked the wager. I can give the exact race, the exact time, the amounts wagered.

2k is my cash, and that is the bottom line. I do not car about Joey and his crew. I want my cash. I am trying to do this very diplomatically. If I cannot do it Diplomatically, I will do it, the "ugly way".

I just want my cash..

Thank you,
Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

Yes, I'm very lucky.

If you don't like this thread- don't read. Once again... move along.

Thank you.
You can't just be producing posts from years ago and think you are contributing. How many times can we read this same stuff? You produce nothing,

Get a clue.
Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

too bad that some nit wit (ball licking wonder) deleted all my pm's

too bad for you guys because I had some of the most classic words ever combined from Just a Nap.

he would go on about how he was my last hope, he was the my last vote in the backroom and I was gonna get banned and cease and desist from whatever the fuck it was that hour that was making him look like the idiot he was etc etc. I usually just told him to hurry up and ban me and complain about how hard it was to get banned. just made him madder. he would sign off the pm's with....
"My pen is mighty, brother" then somewhere down the line he forgot what his sig line was and changed it to "My sword is my mighty, brother" so I asked him what kind of sword he had and he fukkin lost it. again.


EOG Master
Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

That ballwonder post was pretty heart wrenching. I think he meant every word. I hope he got his shit together.


Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

Just a man sent me the 'my sword is mighty, brother' pm when I clowned his fake Jerseys. He was pissed. Miss good ole ant nap Jr


Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

Ballwonder was a scammer and a piece of shit.

Back when he was over at therx he used to post under 'passingthewind' and stiffed a few credit accounts. He reappeared over here under ballwonder and did the same shit. In fact, it came out that he stiffed the same guy twice under 2 different names.

He had his fucking kid working at taco bell to make ends meet while he was gambling away the family money.

Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

The "3 royals in 8600 hands" was really more like 3 royals in 22,000 hands, those scam artists removed all the sessions where Cory didn't hit a royal from his EZ Street history.

One of my favorite threads was the one where the Shrink's wife kicked Mofome out of the Shrink family Christmas party for fighting with some cousin. I had no idea who Mofome was and it was a fine introduction.
Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

First off, what an impressive house, it was an amazing place. The first thing i did was walk in, ask for ken, and he was a pleasure from the moment my buds and i walked in. he took me straight to the beer and then i got to meet tony montana!! what a great fucking guy, even though he got softed on me and passed out while i was still drinking. i was drinking till 5am, tony didnt make it much past 1.
then i walked the guy up to his house and watched him stumble up his steps with a big old smile....haha amazing guy. tony was worth the trip by himself. Then i got to meet Glue, Ty, and B-nutz....awesome, awesome, and awesome. Ty and B were a fuckin great time and are a couple awesome guys. they're guys id hang out with all the time if i lived near by. the big glue took my buds and i in an we drank and talked till 5am. Much thanks to him and his lovely wife for having us and dropping us back at our car in the morning.

Much thanks to Ken for the invite. i had a great time despite having one little guy call me a pussy 3 times, and another guy tuggin on my hair, tell me he was going to kill me, and then after it was settled, walk back over and tell me im lucky his mom was there or he would be kicking my ass. phew, i lucked out. that was one of the more interesting parts of the night. odd to drive 5 hours to see some buds and have to deal with 2 people like that. as a heterosexual man, its not easy not to smash people who are instigating for no reason, but i had to show my respect to the family and friends.
:cheers :cheers :cheers

I was planning on staying with big kenbo, but the wife wouldnt have it, so ken set us up with the Glue and that was pretty cool. The glue has a fucking great house and he treated us like people hes known his entire life. i appreciate the gesture very much.

the two dudes are in kens family, i dont want to go into any more details because i dont want to embarrass anyone on the board. there was nothing we disagreed about. the one dude put his hands on me a couple times, talked a lot of shit, threatened to kill me and some more. they're lucky im a kind person. it wasnt something i should have had to deal with, but it happens. overall, the group of people was great.

overall, it was a great time. i got to help the help, make some new buds, meet some people that i was excited to see, and it was well worth the 5 hour drive down.

merry christmas guys.

Wow, what's that all about? Actually it proves my point though, the guy who talks the most about kicking ass is always the last guy to do anything when a situation arises. Always been that way, probably always will be. The only guy I fear is the quiet guy that never says a word, he's the guy you better worry about. All I've read from you the last few years is how many people on these forums you wanted to kick their ass, mine included at one point, first time in person someone disrespects the fuck out of you, you find a reason to puss out. What a surprise.

I know, you're safe now and back behind the keyboard, time to crank up more of the tough guy talk. I'm sure you're going to kick my ass again now too. Yawn.
wow, whats that all about? look at you trying to be mr innocent haha. all you posted here, as usual, was your bullshit. i didnt back down from anyone...if you want the facts, ask montana how much i wanted to rip into both of them. takes a bigger man to show respect. fuckin them dudes up wouldnt have been a joke. you're all talk put me down for what? for not smashing up 2 people that are in kens family? yeah, a real man would have beat the shit out of kens family members at his xmas party. you've always been a talking clown irish. blame your fuck ups on other people and run your mouth to me for doin the right thing. there wasnt a person there that thought i backed down or disrespected a grown damn man, kid....i can handle myself. ive got class, dont. yawn all day while you sit behind your pc. these people saw, in person, what im about.

you talk too much....just come the fuck on sometime and do what you do, kid.



Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

Originally Posted by TheWinkster
Mo - after the show I think I am going to board a plane - go to your sister's house and RAPE her by fucking her in her ass without any lube and if she resists smash in her face (heck - i'm gonna do it anyway) because that is the type of person i am. hope you don't mind. when i am done i think i'll do the same to your mother the next day

This might be one of the more infamous posts ever made.

Winky sure is classy



Re: The most infamous pictures & posts in Forumville history

man, randomly clicking through threads in the asylum is hilarious.

sooooo many of the best threads and posts are there.