The new Vegas


TYVM Morgan William!!!
The traffic about now is backed up for miles at State Line like the old days. Despite the pandemic when
most families in So. Cal kick around what to do on the weekend, Vegas pops up first. San Diego too costly,
amusement parks closed.
When things were "normal" and we stayed until Sunday we were gone no later than 8A and usually by 7A

You gotta get out and get on the road before all of the assholes do. It is about 280 from Vegas-LA/OC area. It can be done in 3.5 hours unless things get dicey and then it can take 7+ hours

Wait until next NFL season if the Raiders start having fans come to games

You will see a ton of traffic on the N-15 with people leaving SoCal around 7A so they can get there about 11A, watch the game then drive home after. MOST Sundays the drive TO Vegas is an easy one with almost everyone coming home. But on the 8-10ish days the Raiders play at home the Sunday drive is gonna suck.

And the drive home will be brutal. If the game ends about 4:30P it means by about 6 people will start driving home and the 15 is not equipped to handle that much traffic. It will take 6+ hours to drive home - if people are lucky. Either that or Southwest will need to add more flights from McCarran to places like: LAX, Ontario, John Wayne and others


TYVM Morgan William!!!
How much is a round trip flight, $100? That would be worth it.
If you book last second it can be $500 or more

But knowing the schedule comes out in advance you should be able to book far enough ahead of time to get a cheap flight. Then hope the game doesn't get changed to SNF. But if 4 of you are going to the game driving is the only way to go because 4 flights and all really starts to add up

VD: We all have. The SoCal/Vegas drive can be done in about 4 hours. But as you know there are times when it can take 2x longer. Leave Vegas to come back to SoCal around Noon on Memorial Day/Labor Day and if you are done in under 8 hours you got lucky.

I prefer to drive home Saturday Night. Leave about 8-9P and now the drive is a "short" 3.5-4 hour one because so few cars are on the road. I'd rather do that then spend $150 to stay Saturday Night and have to leave at 7A. Drive home Saturday Night, sleep in Sunday, wake up and have a nice brunch for around the same price (or less) as what you paid to spend a few hours in your room Saturday Night

I can tell all here the single greatest day to drive home from Vegas is Xmas Night. 3 years in a row I celebrated Xmas in Vegas with Sis and the family. 3 years in a row I had to be back to SoCal for a game no later 10A on Dec. 26. 3 years in a row I drove home Xmas Night. I left no later than 8P and all 3 years I was home and in bed by Midnight. When you leave NV and get to Jean it is about 10-ish miles to Primm. Normally there are a trillion cars coming in both directions. Xmas Night I think I saw 10. If that. NHP/CHP will usually let you get away with doing 80MPH. I was doing 80 and I had a NHP officer blow past me so fast I only heard the sound of the car going by because that car was a blur.

What most people don't realize is the Raiders might have as many fans still in LA as they do in Oakland. A few times I would be at John Wayne on a Sunday morning and I saw a ton of Raiders' fans taking the short flight to the game. Now the commute is around the same when you factor in when you have to get to the airport for your flight.
I guess my upcoming reservation there wasnt enough to keep them open

Published Tue, Oct 13, 2020 (11:02 a.m.)

Updated Tue, Oct 13, 2020 (2:11 p.m.)

Citing weak customer demand, Wynn Resorts announced today it is cutting the operating schedule at the Encore to four days a week.

The 2,034-room Strip resort will be open Thursdays through Sundays only. After closing at noon Monday, it will be closed until 2 p.m. on Oct. 22.

The Encore has been operating on an around-the-clock basis.

The new schedule will continue indefinitely until “consumer demand for Las Vegas increases,” the company said.
NBA seems like they are waiting to say how quick they will return ...flu coming back not even cold yet
They and the NHL don't want to do bubbles for regular season games. If they can't get close to 50% capacity in buildings they don't really see a point in playing.
Hi all, scheduled to come into Vegas first week in November for a football weekend, usually come once a year for NCAA conference championship week in March, was there last year when it all shut down, I stay at the Mirage they have set me up pretty good for this trip but wondering if it’s worth it after reading some of these posts. I’m coming in from Maine looking for info on how bad is it, I’m scheduled to fly in the day after the election so don’t what that shit show could add to it. Thanks


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Should be fine...election won't have any bearing on your Las Vegas trip.
Agree. Sorta

I won't affect anything that happens but the entire circus that is the election will be over and that is great. I am sooooooooo looking forward to Nov 4 so we don't have to see all the spots on TV from Candidate A saying to vote for them because Candidate is a Pedophile who will raise our taxes..........then see Candidate B run an ad saying the same thing about Candidate A