The Rise and Fall of Rudy Giuliani


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As if America's mayor hasn't fallen enough. Jesus Christ Rudy. How long do we have to wait to get any solid facts regarding Hunter's Laptop?
Nothing but complete bullshit as always. I hadn't heard this part of the story. Does it surprise anyone?

That means that all of those videos of Hunter Biden weighing and smoking crack didn't really happen!


Imagine being as delusional as a libtard.


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It’s normal for crackheads to get executive jobs in the oil industry with no experience in Ukraine! No investigation necessary!

Imagine being as dumb as Bushay.


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Follow a grifter and this is how your life ends up in the end. If not in Rikers Island.

America's one-time short-lived mayor. He had the country by the balls.

Goes to show even after you found success and admiration, you still need to make good decisions in life right till the end.

Can you imagine what the grandkids are thinking these days about ol Grandad?

I bet it's difficult for some of them just to go out in public.