The separation of EOG and BFC

Re: The separation of EOG and BFC

Your disks at L2-and L3 are not herniated....Otherwise, you would not be able to kneel down and throw a football all in the same motion. You have bulging disks, and yes I am a doctor too.:LMAO Remember you are kneeling down and throwing the football. Who the hell has a herniated disk at L2 and L3 and is still able to throw a football from their knees? I guess Joey the Scammer can do this....

You said you paid enough into Social security and you deserve it?:LMAO

Your a scammer and a fraud......There is no hiding what you are...
Joe Crede played 3rd base in the major leagues with a herniated disc in his back, but someone can't kneel down and throw a football? :+clueless

Re: The separation of EOG and BFC

Oh shit we have an update:

Lawyer at day, Costarican undercover book op at night, knob slobber in the morning, and ER DOCTOR at Dusk. WHEN DOES he sleep folks? When does he sleep....?