The Unethical Supreme Court

boston massacre

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Clarence Thomas Is A Fantastic Supreme Court Justice.

He Always Tells The Left, To Stick It, Where The Sun Don't Shine.

He Understands How Great America Is, and Will Protect It From The People, Who Hate It.


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Whiney, liberal AH's all passed off cause Clarence has black skin. Beat at your own whiney, liberal game, go f yourselves.


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You knew it was just a matter of time before her dirty dealings came to Kane said acumbags

boston massacre

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Amy Cony Barrett Was A SUPERB Pick For SCOTUS By Our Great America First President, Donald Trump.

She Has Done Fantastic Work, Since Taking The Seat.

Thank You,


boston massacre

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Moving A Little Bit Closer, Little Boy.

The Slow Methodical Approach, Works Best Against The Enemy.

Here's A Little Taste.

Overseas payments to Biden family could exceed $40M, Comer says: ‘This was organized crime’​

Comer told Catsimatidis that he’s “confident” his investigation will prove the Biden family raked in “at least $17 million” from overseas, but that the “transactions could exceed $40 million-plus.”

Comer has identified nine members of the Biden clan — including Hunter, the president’s brother James Biden, his brother’s wife, Sara Biden, the widow of the president’s late son, Hallie Biden, Hunter’s current wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, and Hunter’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle — as having allegedly received foreign income.


boston massacre

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The Beatdown Continues Against Communism.

High Court Throws Out Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Trying To Make Some Strangers PAY, For Students To Go To Colleges For Free.

Another Discrimination Goes Into The Barrel.

Depending On The Type Of Loan You Have, You Do Not Have To Pay The Money Back.

Complete Discrimination.

Like Everything Else Liberal Scum Touches.

Of Course, The 3 Liberal Scum, Vote To Discriminate Again.

In Unison,

boston massacre

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When You Leave College, Go Get Your Ass A Job.

Then Sign Up For Payroll Deduction.

Who The Fuck Wants To Pay For Some Free Loading Scumbag's College Tuition Bill ?

Liberals Are A Fucked In The Brain, Species.