This is the first of many bio weapons that will hit the masses

I have my suspicions, Birdie. Seems like a test runner runner howid well they can shut down society and gain complete control. If yes, they are passing the test spectacularly.
Canceled sports no problem with a handful of positive results which may not even be real. Ditto with Tom Hanks. Restaurants, malls, Gym Jordans and other "non essential" activities will follow. Eventually a nationwide quarantine will be imposed. Won't even be able to leave your crib without pawmission. Fuck that. Give me Liberty or give me the Chink virus.
The sharp and wise tweeter Jeff Carlson of Epoch Times had the be best take. Have to find original tweet for exact quote. Spot on.

"I'm less worried about the virus than our reaction to it."
Yeah, Alex's conspiracy theory act has expired. Fuck him and Jim Bakker.
What are you talking about? It's not a conspiracy, I think he really found the cure, I'm gonna buy me some of that toothpaste and cream, this way I don't have to worry about the virus. BTW, you know who started the virus don't you? The Clintons of course, this is their way of getting back at everyone for not electing her president, don't you see how it's all coming together, the Clintons are trying to end the world, but Seth Rich found out what they were planning so they had him killed, luckily for us we have Donald Trump and Alex Jones leading the way, so we have nothing to worry about. Well, maybe you should worry, but once I use Alex's secret toothpaste I'll be all set