This looks like a scam to me


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Re: This looks like a scam to me

I saw one like this for a free Xbox360...I would be leery of these deals
i wouldn't be leery of it at all

i would RUN from it - BIG TIME

ask yourself this ???

"if this was really the case - wouldn't this guy get as many of these as he could FOR FREE and then sell them and make A LOT more than $79 from it?"

case closed

Johnny Detroit

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Re: This looks like a scam to me

Depends on the company.

Places like do this all the time.

They get nice affiliate deals from companies and make you sign up for like 9 or 10 of them. Once they confirm and get payment they send it.

Same thing if a sportsbook gave someone 30% kickback on a deposit. So I run a site and say deposit $1000 into Sportsbook X and I will send you a IPOD.

But there are tons of scams out there, but not all.