Thoughts on pacers -4 tomorrow?

I'm actually gonna buy the 1/2 pt with reduced juice book tonight.Game # is off.Memphis plays tonight against tough Dallas team,then has to travel and play top 2 team in the NBA.laying 3 1/2 pts is getting away with murder.even with injury line will climb to 6 IMO.

also,anything can happen to grizz tonight.2 team leaders can pull hammy's for all we know.I love the fact indy is waiting at home and resting up after a huge win the other night against a good team

- 3 1/2 -114 for me guys
as well Twolves line is -6 1/2.lakers in b2b situation.again,count on seeing 8's in that game.very bad weather for travel as well

I will start to post some leans for middles and scalps in the bball forum when I can.There have been huge positions to be taken all year.I used to pound these heavy overnight.Have taken it easier the last 2 weeks to gear in on end of CFB and some ice,but nba totals is where it's at

Look for spurs total 187 to drop to 185.I'm taking a position on the under strongly.#'s show 179