Thursday Tourney Hoops

Good Luck everyone this will be fun...

These next two days for me, are better than the Super Bowl, World Series, or even the day MAdden comes out. Truly the best two days of sports IMO with the new years day cfb bowl games 2nd...

Butler 0123- Butler's D has slipped a little and playing an unfamilar opp. on a nuetral court will not help matters...have this one at 67-64

Vandy -3(120)- WAY too much VALUE not to bet.

BYU +2- wrong team favored plus i love betting on Mormons in big games, even in football, they take this shit so serious and you don't gotta ever worry about focus or effort...
Re: Thursday Tourney Hoops

no doubt tightness!

lol, thanks guys.

let's get this money!!!

Let the Madness Begin...Actually i would prefer zero madness and all the games go exactly how i have them capped:smokesmal ...

Took Tommorrow off of work, think there is more value in tommorrow's card...
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Let's do it Mic! We got our losses outta the way early, that is always better than late...


Butler 0123-L, they played 1 half how i thought they would...misfire on my part

Vandy -3 Winner- yes I am counting this biotch a winner, if GW comes back from 30 to cover i will quite betting bball...yea i just said that.

BYU- Pending- but i have doubled up on this play. Fuck the A-10, BYU being very underrated here. An 8 loss season with 1 @UCLA,@UNLV,@SD St. and Mich St(N)...half thier losses are forgivable, yes they have a few head scratching losses but on the whole this team took care of business and i expect the same tonight...


Mich St. and Tom to tha Izzo... I'll take the better D, and better coach in such a big game. I'm really not factoring the Mcneal loss into this but it obvioulsy helps...-2 is very managable and favs seem to be doing just fine....
Re: Thursday Tourney Hoops

Tailing you on BYU. I cant come up with a clear outcome on this game,
so i'll cop out and follow u. GL.

Nothing wrong with that, you led me to Vandy...

Micelli this play comes down to

1 part A-10 Fade. Paticularly when they are laying points.

and 1 part play on a underrated BYU team with real aspirations.

MWC i know the best cuz this is Mountain West Country i live in... and i am not completely trying to disrespect Xavior as a team, i realize thier proximity to home and athletism has them laying points here but fuck it we will just see...


I want winners...
Re: Thursday Tourney Hoops

Great call on Vandy by you and Micelli, hoping for good fortune to smile on you in the BYU and Mich.St. selections.:cheers
Re: Thursday Tourney Hoops

Great call on Vandy by you and Micelli, hoping for good fortune to smile on you in the BYU and Mich.St. selections.:cheers

Thanks Munson:cheers hope you kill em tonight too!
it seems whenver a thread has a bunch of:happy::happy:

:houra :houra :clapping:
:cheers :thumbup1
:+textinb3 :thumbup1

:clapping:these smiley ass happy faces the thread becomes real positive and winners start flowing in it....I'm trying it out...
Re: Thursday Tourney Hoops

i doubled back on it

<TABLE id=DGDetails style="BORDER-RIGHT: #999999 1px solid; BORDER-TOP: #999999 1px solid; FONT-SIZE: 11px; BORDER-LEFT: #999999 1px solid; WIDTH: 100%; COLOR: black; BORDER-BOTTOM: #999999 1px solid; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse; BACKGROUND-COLOR: white" borderColor=#999999 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3 rules=all border=1><TBODY><TR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #cccccc" align=right><TD vAlign=top>INTERNET/-1</TD><TD>3/15/2007 6:27:40 PM</TD><TD vAlign=top align=left>Ticket 3387140 STRAIGHT BET</TD><TD style="FONT-SIZE: xx-small" vAlign=bottom>CBB
</TD><TD style="FONT-SIZE: xx-small" vAlign=bottom>[826] BYU +3-120 (B+?)
</TD><TD style="FONT-SIZE: xx-small" vAlign=bottom>79/77
</TD><TD vAlign=bottom>240/200
</TD><TD vAlign=bottom>200

Thats a winner, if anyone else got it late they should have had +2.5


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Re: Thursday Tourney Hoops

Nice win shady, i was ready for them to not count that last bucket at the end it was close. I actually middled that game, i had Xavier ML with cannon and then +3 with you.:houra:houra
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Wow nice shit Tool!

Yea that last bucket finally went my way for a change, it's been awhile. But BYU was the right side and earned the push/cover depending where you got the line at...

Mich St. Covered nicely as well...Very good start to the Tourney...:+excited-


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Re: Thursday Tourney Hoops

Nice Hit tool... good number you got Shady... I knew I was fucked when he hit the 2nd free throw...they would not go for the 3... I would have been better of him missing it and them going for a 3 to tie...that way I either cover or it goes to OT