$$ to be made betting NASCAR?

I enjoy watching - I'd like to add to the enjoyment with a little action this year. Anyone solid here that I could tail until I get a better feel for matchups etc?
Thanks for the welcome.

Harness too...glad I was lucky this weekend with the bankroll -- sounds like some quality guys worth following here.

I am just about finished my database for NBA 1st half, 1st quarter ATS and OU stats - so I will be contributing picks for that (don't want to be a guy who just leeches off the work of others) :cheers


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i find it hard to bet nascar; although if you understand who does well; and why; at particular tracks; i think you have an edge, but, man; if that car fouls up; or you get caught in a 23 car pile-up; u ain't gonna win





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Driver matchups are a good way to go rather than futures, some do very well and The General does well and follows it closely.