TonyMar's 2020 MLB Plays


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All my plays always listed pitchers...

1 unit = 1 dollar ($100)

NY Yankees -168 for 10 units

NY Yankees -3.5+200 for 5 units

NY Yankees 1st5 -0.5-110 for 5 units
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How did you get a win for 10u on a bet that should be refunded because it didn't go a full 8.5 innings?

Am I missing something here?

But your nyy -3.5 bet was refunded based on your records.


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money line bets are graded as long as the game is official. It was suspended in Top 6 so it reverts back to the score at the end of the 5th for grading purposes. 4-1 NYY.

The alternate RL (and all RL's and totals) requires the game to go 8.5


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Thats 34 starts in a row that Sonny Gray has given up 6 hits or less....major league on the list at 31 is Nolan Ryan....very impressive....and the Reds bats with the DH might be as good or better than LA
reds are the best team in the central over the 1st 60 games.


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Urena scratched, Robert Dugger gets the start.

Philadelphia Phillies -175 for 8 units

Philadelphia Phillies -1.5+105 for 4 units

Philadelphia Phillies 1st5 -0.5-125 for 2 units
How much is a unit
tony doesnt know.....his mommy gave him the money before she threw the monopoly board away and tony puts team names in one hat and colored money in the other and poof.....selections are made and units are played...

if it all works out daddy will take his training wheels off and let tony bet with his summer lawn mowing money.....


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Game 2 Rodon/Plutko:

Chicago White Sox +115 for 10 units

Chicago White Sox -2.5+245 for 4 units

Chicago White Sox 1st5 +105 for 5 units