Toronto trivia


EOG Dedicated
With the Raptors on the brink of the NBA title, lets test our Toronto knowledge.

1. What was the name of the Blue Jays stadium that preceeded the Sky Dome?

2. What is the name of the Toronto suburb that has a bigger population than Boston, Seattle or Washington DC?


EOG Dedicated
Pro Line/Sport Select are lottery type, government run betting.

FW is right, is not legal to bet on individual games so these lotteries are setup you have to bet a min of 2, max of 6 games.

Vig is horrendous....-140 typically per side (1.70). But there is money to be made. Since the lines cant change once released, you can get totals that are 5 - 7 points off, 3 points on spreads, etc.

Few different games to play through this lottery.

But ridiculous lines...