Tout Waz is a Fraud

This tout might just be one of the biggest frauds out there. So he finally posts a thread showing his BettorIQ cappers and of course, in all sports they are plus units. But if multiple cappers are on the same wager, well not only does that make the w/l record look better... but then he says that would mean someone should be 2 or 3xing the bet. What kind of explanation is this?

In his thread, someone mentioned how he is down a lot of units in nhl and soccer... of course nothing of that is mentioned in his records. So how does he defend himself? Oh that is a small sample so we do not put that there. Yet throughout his site, he would advertise when he or another capper is on some run in their last xx picks. So let see, you don't want to put small samples like your other sports where you don't do well but do that with the sports that you do well? That is basically cherrypicking. You are a lying and dishonest tout.

He then mentions how he wants to get customers and by customers buying, they will make money long term. First off, how does anyone know if Waz is a long term winner. What i do know is someone drinkyourmilkshake mentioned he did had a good run years ago. However, how does one know if he wasn't running above variance and now things are evening out? This guy claims if you buy picks from bettoriq, you will win. Drink is legit from what i read in the forums.
Go look at Bettoriq website and you could tell he is shady. He would describe himself as being very smart and knowledgeable. Fine. Then he talks about using complex models etc. How does one even know he is using any model? Anyone can say my model says these are the plays etc. He would then describe all the other sports plays he sells and then talk about even more complex models that he uses which is unheard of to try to fool a buyer etc. Anyone with a clue could tell all he does is use big words to sell his product. Now if he is a proven winner say like RAS... I have nothing against that as we all know RAS is a proven winner. This guy... if you just look at his bio on his site, you can tell he is shady and dishonest. Someone mentioned narcissist and you actually can get that after reading what he said earlier. The point is to get the buyer to buy at any cost etc even if it means showing info like capper went so and so in their last plays. Then says we want someone to buy our plays and enjoy winning LOL. Says we want that dime bettor to be up 100k or 100 units in 6 months and then buy more etc. Just look at the way he talks. Nothing but a conman.

Now you know how i know he is a fraud in the first place? This guy previously mentioned he on average bet 3000 cbb games every cbb season. Thats right you heard me.... 3000 plays. He mentioned he bet anything that was off 0.5 points. Really? He said he is a huge volume bettor. Fine. Now he says he wants to make on average 2 percent ROI with each pick. But the problem here? That basically implies if he has 3000 plays every cbb season and an expected roi of 2 percent... if you translate that into units while flat betting 1 unit a cbb game... you know how much profit on average is that in cbb season?

100 units.

Yes that's right. 100 units. So he basically implies that on average every cbb season, he averages around 100 unit profit in CBB season. There is no way anyone would average that amount of unit profit every season. If he said 50 units every season on average, that is already a lie. RAS in his best season didn't even hit 50 units i believe and that was with like under 250 plays easily. This guy claims 100 units every cbb season? So how many unit profit would be a bad season? 40 units or something? As of now, someone mentioned he is down at the moment in CBB with his own plays from his website.

So you telling me someone that averages 100 units with his own cbb plays can't even be in the positive in cbb season right now? And remember... the cbb plays he sells are bettor than his own cbb plays since he isn't going to be selling the other plays. So how do you guys think he is doing over his current cbb plays that are not posted as plays? If you ask him, he probably would say he's up but not the amount he is expected to be up.

Or how about you post all your 3000 cbb plays on a site for others to track. Obviously first thing you would say is that would be too tedious since it would be way too many plays... but of course main thing you would say is i'm not posting my plays for free. Well, how about you post it after they started? Even if you post it before early on, no one would even play your picks. I doubt this guy is even profitable that much at best if he has 3000 cbb plays in a season.

Anyone that has a clue could tell you are a fraud. If you even averaged 50 units profit every season on cbb season, you would be the best cbb bettor in the world probably. Instead you implied 100 units. No one with a clue would believe that number.
drew . I could tell you are not getting enough of sleep ever since 3000 plays were mentioned. Try ambien.

I like your posts .

Who here believes Waz on average makes 3000 cbb plays a season and on average makes 100 units every cbb season? Remember each wager is to win 1 unit. Think about that for a second.

This guy says his ROI is 2 percent so over that amount of plays, it would be 100 units he makes every cbb season. If he said the number was 50, that is already ridiculous. He says 100 units on average EVERY SEASON.


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Waz is a scamming clown just like the others

Preys on the feeble and weak

Scumbag profession. No worries he will get his. Family will get hit by a bus, cancer, etc. Always comes back around


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I don't give a shit about records on a tout site. Touts can manipulate them to their benefit. Sure, Waz was no wiz on here...rather average & JK can attest to that. A small sample on 30 for 30 and some BB stuff. With that being said Dink was betting decent money on his stuff and it wasn't blindly. That's what I look at. Ok they went tout and their hit rate is at issue....where have I heard that storyline before?

John Kelly

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WAZ understands what to do but can he do it?

Plenty of golf coaches teaching the finer points of the golf swing but there are only a few (Arnie, Jack, Tiger) who have mastered the game.

I've always liked WAZ's baseball commentary.

John Kelly

Born Gambler
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WAZ understands what to do but can he do it?

Plenty of golf coaches teaching the finer points of the golf swing but there are only a few (Arnie, Jack, Tiger) who have mastered the game.

I've always liked WAZ's baseball commentary.