Tweet from Indiana Announcer (WNBA)

The coach had tweeted that they were having trouble getting the luggage door on the bus closed and were delayed, and then the announcer floats this.

Tough travel day in Minny for bk to bk. Bus driver planned poorly for downtown parade. @IndianaFever walked 7-10 blocks w/ luggage to hotel.
What were they having a downtown parade for in Minnesota?

Anyway...Minnesota is a fast starter and in cases like this you'll sometimes see a team off a back-to-back and tough travel take a few minutes to get into the game. I'll take Minnesota and lay the 2 1Q.


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Re: Tweet from Indiana Announcer (WNBA)

I have a 1st half ticket on Minn -4 based on your info. Was already on Minn -6.5, feeling more confident after reading your post.

Thanks for sharing

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Re: Tweet from Indiana Announcer (WNBA)

Indiana led 24-18 after one quarter.

Minny led 41-40 at the half.

But thanks for the info, jfhst18.


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Re: Tweet from Indiana Announcer (WNBA)

Augustus fouled taking a 3-pointer with 8 seconds left. She misses the first.

Minny just not the right side in this one. Douglas clearly not affected despite the back-to-back games. Lynx just turned a winning day into a loser. I'm not having fun.
Re: Tweet from Indiana Announcer (WNBA)

When I originally read this i thought it said "the team was having trouble getting all the luggage on the bus" meaning women bring too much shit with them when they go anywhere. Re-read it and adjusted my comments accordingly.