Twins & Molitor Separate.....


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Not sure why he was fired...they gave him a new deal last year after being named manger of the year. What did they expect? They gutted the team rendering the remaining players emotionally dead after the AS break.


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Makes no sense to me either. I am a Twins fan and either watch them or listen to their games a little daily. Very high quality professional - treats his players fairly - gives young players a chance to play.

I would much prefer to fire the ownership and management. But, we are stuck with them.


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They traded Dozier, Escobar, Rodney on him Polonca had a PED suspension and Sanu was hurt. Only thing I can think of is management criticized the won loss record and he came back with a every time we develop a good player you trade him for prospects. Every time I heard him interviewed I was confident he was doing his best. I cannot see where the management actually cares about winning. They were competitive at home for the fans.

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If Molitor gets fired one season after winning American League Manager of the Year, then no manager in the big leagues can feel totally safe and secure.
Yet it took Gardenhire 4 consecutive 90+ loss seasons to get his pink slip. Not sure who they'll plan to interview. Doug Mientkiewicz? Terry Steinbach?


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Makes no sense at all
This is like sending someone to a gun fight with a water pistol
No manager who has ever existed could have led this team to the playoffs
The truth is the new guys(falvey and levine) never wanted Molitor, after he won manager of the year last year, they really had no choice but to keep him. Molitor had 4 years as manager and the most games they ever won was last years 84. He was mediocre. The good news is hopefully Joe Mauer is going to retire and that frees up his 23 million to go out and get a couple more players and a real 1st baseman.


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I saw somewhere that Molitor will remain with the organization in some capacity, he'll probably get a cushy front office gig
I saw somewhere that Molitor will remain with the organization in some capacity, he'll probably get a cushy front office gig
They offered him a "role" didn't say what that meant. He's got 2 more years of money coming, I doubt he'll stick around, getting fired when you didn't have a terrible season(just poor), doesn't bring on a lot of loyalty.


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Unrealistic expectations. A team goes from over 100 losses to around .500 last year and expectations for 85 wins? That was probably the easiest RSW total under on the board.

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How bad was the AL Central this season?

It nearly served as home for three teams with 100 or more losses.

Kansas City (104), Chicago White Sox (100) and Detroit Tigers (98) were outscored this season by a combined 553 runs.