U.S. Immigration agents arrest 680 workers at Mississippi plants

If trump wasn't stymied at every turn, we wouldn't even have an immigration problem, the govt could focus on all the other major issues(SS, health care, opioids, etc).
Much of the opioid problem never would have happened if poor people wouldn't have been enabled to remain idle while drawing welfare/ssi checks.


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Great guy, horrible policies.
Do you want to specific? Which "policies" did he have that were horrible?

By the way the, the president of the U.S.A. is not a dictator, at least not yet (stay tuned). The Congress makes the laws. It's the President's job to carry them out through the executive branch of the national government.

So if you didn't like the "policies" of the Obama administration, what you mean is you didn't like the laws enacted by Congress. The only power the president has over legislation is the power to veto it. The President has no power to make laws.

So which laws enacted by Congress don't you like?