UGA back in the news for the wrong reasons...

Re: UGA back in the news for the wrong reasons...


Are you talking about the UGA that doesn't cover up for
players? The UGA that punishes players for their mistakes?
The UGA that removes repeat offenders?
The UGA that runs the best damn program in the SEC unlike
those in FLA, TN, and ALA that coddle players and reward
those that break rules and laws?
I thought so
Re: UGA back in the news for the wrong reasons...

Wish they would clean up that program; they embarrass the SEC.
Comments made by Mark Richt on what almost all of the 100+ players are doing this summer in article written by Anthony Dasher:

"...... I'm extremely excited about what the vast majority of our team has been doing on a daily basis this summer," Richt stated. "They're working hard in the classroom and there's certainly a buzz from our veteran players as to the work ethic and effort they've seen in their weightlifting, running and position workouts. Virtually every one of our players is giving back to the community this summer.

"Many of them have already taken part in the mission trip to Honduras, Habitat for Humanity, Camp Sunshine, Camp Kudzu and Camp Independence. Over the rest of the summer, even more will volunteer at HEROES for Children, Bulldogs Battling Breast Cancer, the Countdown to Kickoff Childrens' Charity Event and several other events."

Richt also noted the team compiled a 3.23 grade point average for the Maymester academic session. Nine players participated in a summer session where they spent a week in Washington, D.C., visiting federal agencies and meeting with their congressmen. Brannan Southerland, Demiko Goodman and Knowshon Moreno are all working as orientation assistants for their college (Family & Consumer Sciences) this summer. Their responsibilities include meeting with new students and their families when they come to orientation and assisting with registration.



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Re: UGA back in the news for the wrong reasons...

Excuse me? Embarrass the SEC?

There are a myriad of programs that don't discipline players for crimes and violations.

The only clean ones I can think of are Vandy and UK.

That's what you get when you sign thugs with 2.0 GPA's and 12 ACT scores.
Re: UGA back in the news for the wrong reasons...

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Re: UGA back in the news for the wrong reasons...

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All but one was for drinking. What college student doesn't drink?
Re: UGA back in the news for the wrong reasons...

Tennessee hasnt been very good either Mofo....

Since May, the Vols have had eight players either arrested or involved in off-the-field incidents that led to their dismissal from the team

NOXVILLE, Tenn. ? Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer wouldn't address the arrests of three of his players during his Sunday night teleconference other than to say he was still in the process of talking to all the parties involved. "I'm not going to comment any further except to say that I'll deal with it swiftly and firmly and fairly with the guys," Fulmer said. "I do expect to see those guys (Sunday night). It's been a very busy day grading the film and recruiting, and I wasn't able to see all those guys."
Starting running back Arian Foster, David Holbert and Antonio Wardlow were arrested shortly after 3 a.m. Sunday when Knoxville police responded to a disturbance call at Goodfellas nightclub. Several hours earlier, Tennessee had lost 28-24 to LSU.
Foster and Holbert were charged with disorderly conduct and underage alcohol consumption. Wardlow faces those same two charges along with a public intoxication charge.
Fulmer declined to speculate on whether any of the players would be suspended for Saturday's game against Arkansas. He said he probably wouldn't announce any disciplinary measures until Monday.
During the offseason, Fulmer announced a zero-tolerance policy for his team and kicked off two players ? Lee Smith and Raymond Henderson ? after they ran into trouble off the field.
Since May, the Vols have had eight players either arrested or involved in off-the-field incidents that led to their dismissal from the team.
"I've said what I'm going to say about it," Fulmer said.
Foster has started at tailback the last two games for the Vols. Holbert, a former Brentwood Academy standout, is a reserve fullback, and Wardlow is a backup safety who blocked a punt for a touchdown against Georgia.
According to police, there were several individuals fighting, attempting to fight and yelling at each other when officers arrived at Goodfellas.
Sgt. Tony Willis of the Knoxville Police Department told a local television station that officers initially were successful in getting many of the people to move on, but that others continued to fight.
Willis said one of those was Foster, who was seen shoving somebody with police present. Foster told coaches that he was trying to shove teammates away from each other to keep the fight from escalating.
Right after Foster was arrested, Willis said another altercation broke out involving Holbert and Wardlow. All three players are 20, and Willis said it wasn't discovered until after they were arrested that they were football players.
Willis said the reason the trio were arrested was because they persisted in fighting after police arrived on the scene and ordered everybody to disperse.
Fulmer said there wasn't a curfew after games, but that the Vols do have one during the week that begins on Wednesdays at 11 p.m.

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