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Netherlands – Iceland


The Dutch are not entitled to a wrong step if they want direct qualifier for Euro 2016, which can happen if you take any of the first two places. The official debut of Danny Blind led the “tulips” I expect a lot of fun in the game team, contributing to the victory with two goals or more in their favor.

Full Prediction: http://ultrasbet.com/netherlands-iceland-03-09-2015/
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Germany – Poland

Betting Prediction

The hosts will be keen to record a convincing success against the leader of the group. Loew players expect to seek an early goal, which is a prerequisite for open football. Poland will have their chances to counter-attack, where can a few passes to reach the goal, thanks to players from the class of Blyashchikovski, Milik and Lewandowski. I think that will see at least three goals in this game.

Full Precition: http://ultrasbet.com/germany-poland-04-09-2015/
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San MarinoEngland 05/09/2015

Betting Prediction:

San Marino will try to hamper England as far as possible. In the first game at Wembley in certain periods of the game the players of San Marino blocked proceed to their door. In the team of England, however, has very quick players who can indi with his class to break the defense of the opponents. Wayne Rooney will be highly motivated to improve the record of Sir Bobby Charlton and try to score at least two goals in the game.

Full Prediction: http://ultrasbet.com/san-marino-england-05-09-2015/
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Italy vs. Bulgaria


Italy not play perfect in these qualifications, but still very close to ranking ahead of Euro 2016. “squadra” has ten goals in 7 games, which brought them 15 points. The attack team limps, but good play in defense helped them win their matches. In the upcoming match expect hosts to record a new economical success. I doubt that Bulgaria will be managed to score goal in the door of Buffon and I do not think we will see more than two goals in the game.

Full Prediction: http://ultrasbet.com/italy-bulgaria-06-09-2015/
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Scotland vs. Germany 07/09/2015


If Germany show his best game, they should win. Scots struggle, however, will receive strong support from the stands and I’m sure that will give all of himself to show the best. Germans against Poland showed slight fluctuations in defense and if they do it again, I think the hosts will have occasions for joy. Germany, meanwhile, can be satisfied with a draw in the upcoming match, which will be fatal for them.

Full Prediction: http://ultrasbet.com/scotland-germany-07-09-2015/