Vegas gets worse with every trip


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Every time I go out there I see rule changes or policies designed to cost you money

This recent trip I noticed

-All BJ tables dealers hit soft 17. Last time I was out there multiple deck shoes generally stood on soft 17.

-Food prices have gone way up on the strip. A simple hot dog in the forum shops is about $8. I got a $10 food comp at the Mirage for playing poker and went to eat at the burger joint (I forget the name) on the way into the Mirage. I got a cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake, and even after the comp I still owed $23.

-Increased rake at poker tables. The regular rake I think is the same, but the extra bonus dollar they take out for bad beat/high hand has changed. It differs from place to place, but at no places I saw on the strip are there progressive bad beats now, it's a pretty small flat payout now. If they do high hands the high hand payouts are $100 for quads, $250 for straight flush, and $500 for a royal flush, both cards in the hand have to play or be a pocket pair. Some of the places say that extra rake goes toward some freeroll on Sunday mornings, so that is unavailable if you aren't there then. Basically the already -ev extra dollar has gotten much more -ev

Other changes I've noticed in previous trips are worsening video poker payout schedules, resort fees on rooms, and a glaring one is 6 to 5 blackjack on single deck and some other tables (all blackjacks used to pay 3 to 2 on any table)

I realize especially on the strip these places are mega corps ruthlessly trying to increase or maintain a profit margin by all means, but it seems to me it is too aggressive and shortsighted. This is the first time I have considered staying downtown or offstrip the next time I visit Vegas due to all the bs.


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Re: Vegas gets worse with every trip

hmm.. This is a story next to everyone. Its good you shared what you wanted to. I have also faced the same. Thanks for sharing.


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Re: Vegas gets worse with every trip

What's the best place to stay downtown? Not necessarily price-wise, but for overall quality?


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Re: Vegas gets worse with every trip

Its good you shared what you wanted to. I have also faced the same.