Vegas Strip's $3.1 billion resort postponed more than a year

Other than the heart of the strip, is there really a good location on the strip these days

Too bad it wasn't closer to the heart of the strip. Icahn would have probably kept it. He paid nothing for it. No it's north end with other dead propertie,SLS and the Strat. There are two things that could save it assuming it will even be completed. Proposed NBA arena nearby and/or monorail stop loaded with conventioneers and tourists. Otherwise dead end of town.
in the 80's trump was complaining on TV that he could not get a casino license in Nevada while it only cost $250k . Wynn was in atlantic city and so was trump at the time. I guess he could push it now to get one but probably does not want nothing to do with the casino business anymore.
post of the decade............Stardust was leveled way too early........i thought this many yrs ago........Boyd could've made decent money the past decade . WAIT FOR THE NEXT RECESSION , THEN A YEAR OR SO LATER, OPEN A NEW CASINO.