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wait till Manfred does to verlander baseballs when he pitches. Velanderer saying to the media the balls are juiced. Manfred going to Get a gallon of Tropicana and pour it into the ball.

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Justin Verlander isn't one to hide his feelings when it comes to his tools of his trade.

On a day he was named the American League's starting pitcher for the 2019 All-Star Game, Verlander issued his strongest condemnation yet of the official major league baseballs, calling them "a f---ing joke," and suggesting MLB is manipulating the balls to increase offense.

"Yes. 100 percent," he told ESPN on Monday. "They've been using juiced balls in the Home Run Derby forever. They know how to do it."

Source: USA Today


EOG Master
Of course he's going to say they're juiced...his given up a league leading 26 dingers and 12 last 5 starts.

13.78 - k/9
1.41 - BB/9
1.41 - HR/9

last 30 days verlander #6 in war . pitching much better

verlander # 13 overall in war