I have not been high on this team at all this year, but wow are they ever looking good right now. They play like this consistently and they could easily make a run to the elite eight. Not sure about beating Pitt, but they look like they can easily beat UCLA and beat Duke.
Re: Villanova

Nova is so physically tough and shooting the ball so well. I don't think UCLA can come back here to be honest.
Re: Villanova

not sure I'd get to excited about them beating this UCLA team. But if they get hot see where you're coming from.
i still don't think nova is anywhere near pitt or uconn, but this was the best i've ever seen this team play this season. very impressive performance.

ucla is not a bad team. they weren't making any big run because they have no inside guy, but they have a solid team still. nova was just too physically strong, and had much more passion and intensity.