Washington St. vs. Oregon

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Taylor Alie is suppose to start tonight and word is he will get majority of time at QB which could be another reason for drop, I think he is a upgrade over Lockie.
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Just talked to son, not raining yet but he said it's getting cloudy and wind is picking up, raining and windy up in Portland right now.
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Holy shit, Ducks suck.

One interesting tidbit for anyone who caps this stuff. The 1AA team that beat WashSt (PortlandSt) just throttled another 1A team (NoTex).

IE, wazzu's loss to PortSt doesn't look nearly so bad anymore.
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Holy shit, Ducks suck.
What do you expect when the starting QB is hurt and the leading tackler for the game was Charles Nelson who had never played defense before. When you start two freshman, a red shirt freshman and a WR turned CB in your secondary your gonna suck.

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MrW, you are on top of the situation. Hope you cashed a nice ticket on Wazzu.
I never bet against my Ducks, I did like Washington St tonight though, they have played Oregon close the last few years.
Gonna be tough year but future looks bright, just need to get through this year. Gonna go to UW/Oregon next week, hope I make it out of Husky Stadium alive. lol
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No allegiances in betting.

Have a fun trip to the Dawg-pound, pal. Washington figures to be sky-hi, off the USC win.

What's your projected line for that game? Might be some contrarian value on the Quack Attack!

Problem is that...we may need Danny O'Neill to suit up!
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The play that changed Oregon Football, I was living in Vegas at the time and made the trip over to LA for the Rose Bowl.

I think the line should be Oregon -9 or -9.5 but will probably be around -7, UW just can't score at all so I will be playing the under for sure.
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Oregon has seen better days. Their window of opportunity is now shut. They have a terrible HC and unlike USC, who also has a terrible HC, Oregon cannot recruit. They have no idea what the word "defense" means. Having said that, there could be a huge money making opportunity net week with Oregon going to UDub. Oregon has owned Washington for years now (10-1 ATS in the past 11 meetings) and Washington just upset USC on the road. That, combined with Oregon's loss will make this a pick 'em game. Remember, wagering on the home team in the Pac 12 is just about suicidal. The Visitors in the Pac 12 are 11-3 ATS in Conference games this season.