We do have NFL tonight; Rams vs. Lions

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Another Day, Another Dollar
Line movement indicates bettors may be leaning to the dog here. Total going up, prob due to TV and dome. I can always use a winner. Share your opinion if you like.

Anybody have the new Madden game? Simulate the game 3 times and I will go with side that covers 2 out of 3 or better.

What do you think about that strategy Coach?


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takeing him to betty ford

takeing him to betty ford

must have been one hell of a party last night

no wonder we are getting killed

Like I told a buddy last week. If Jackson played on a different team he would lead the NFL in rushing. But he wont get enough carries to do that in our offense. He will still get 1,500 yds though. With a strong running game Martz will destroy any defense. Watch out this year boys.

Best Monday night game played this year will be Stlouis at Indy.