Week 11 EOG’s 4th Annual Pro Football Contest Presented by BetDSI

Dell Dude

EOG Master
I will laugh last when Ohio State and a matching NFLe team lift the trophy. The Michigan lie ends on the football field not in a press conference room.

Dell Dude

EOG Master
Jimmy B lifts the fake in season tournament trophy, chance for a trophy trifecta. And a head start with these conference champions:

Ohio State

Scattered but maybe will reach $1000. As far as this shit contest. Woody should have no problem funding the bowl contest even without winning a quarter million.


EOG Dedicated
After 11 weeks of play, here's the current standings:

Grande (Viejo Dinosaur) goes 5-0 for the second straight week to move into 32, well within striking distance of the leaders, Spartanking and Spartan Mike.

Bomzee, Sportsrmylife, Woodrow all hanging around at 30 points, with Railbird at 29.5.

Still 7 weeks to go, each play is starting to become more and more important. See you on the week 12 thread. Cheers!