Week 12 of EOG’s 3rd Annual Pro Football Contest Presented by BetDSI


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Welcome to Week 12 of the football contest. Look for the contest lines to be posted Wed, Nov 23 at appx 8pm ET / 5pm PT

Here are the current standings after 11 weeks of contest play.

Week 11, we went 42.5-37.5, 53.12%.
YTD, we are 464 - 406, 53.33%

BigBlind now has a 4 point lead over SpartanKing. Yisman in 3rd. Other's are still in the hunt.

Good luck this week and Happy Thanksgiving!



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After yesterday's dust settled, here is how everyone fared....


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The pool had a fantastic week 12 with Woodrow Wilson and AllDayCapper going a perfect 5-0. 6 others went 4-1. Still pending plays out there. Will do the recap tomorrow morning as all the pending plays are from the Sunday night game.

BigBlind still holding on to a 3 point lead. SpartanKing, AllDayCapper and Yisman still in the hunt and are currently in the money.

TryTryTry, Murphy's Best, Spartan Mike and Ruca need to go on a heater for a few weeks to close the gap.

After this week, there's still 6 weeks to go! Plenty of time for those just outside the money to step it up!

Best of luck to all!!!!